Is there a hot tub time machine?

The film was released on March 26, 2010. It follows four men who travel back in time to 1986 via a hot tub, and must find a way to return to 2010. A sequel, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, was released on February 20, 2015….

Hot Tub Time Machine
Story by Josh Heald
Produced by John Cusack Grace Loh John Morris Matt Moore

Where did they go in Hot Tub Time Machine?

Kodiak Valley Ski Resort
It traces the humorous journey of three estranged friends Adam Yates, Nick Webber-Agnew, Lou who are going through personal problems and mental anxiety and depression. The three friends get back together after Lou is poisoned and go on a trip to the Kodiak Valley Ski Resort.

What was the budget for Hot Tub Time Machine 2?

a $14 million
Release. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 grossed $6 million on its opening weekend, finishing 7th at the box office. The film grossed a total of $13.1 million, against a $14 million budget, which was less than the opening weekend of the first film.

Is Hot Tub Time Machine 2 funny?

Consistently funny, but it’s something of a minor miracle that the movie doesn’t fall apart at the seems. A waste of time-past and present.

Was poison in Hot Tub Time Machine?

You may be unsurprised to learn they’d spend most of the time joking about using the star’s toilet. Unskinny Bop, a cover band that has won “Best of Phoenix” awards the last two years, played Poison in Hot Tub Time Machine, a time-travel comedy set in the ’80s and starring John Cusack, Rob Corddry, and Chevy Chase.

How does Hot Tub Time Machine end?

At the end of the movie, Rob Corddry’s character, Lou, stays behind in 1986 in order to redo his past 24 years. One of his goals, now that he realizes he’s Jacob’s (Clark Duke) dad, is to give the kid the father he never had — and be a good dad at that.

Why is John Cusack not in Hot Tub Time Machine 2?

While the first film was a success, the budget for Hot Tub Time Machine 2 was essentially halved. To save money, original star and producer John Cusack wasn’t asked back and was replaced with a new character played by Adam Scott (The Good Place) instead.

What happened to Adam in Hot Tub Time Machine 2?

What age rating is Hot Tub Time Machine?

Hot Tub Time Machine is rated R by the MPAA for strong crude and sexual content, nudity, drug use and pervasive language.

Who was Rick in Hot Tub Time Machine?

William Zabka
Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) – William Zabka as Rick – IMDb.

Why was John Cusack not in Hot Tub Time Machine?