Is UniCredit a bank?

UniCredit Bank is one of the largest banks in Russia and a member of UniCredit, a successful Pan-European Commercial Bank.

What is UniCredit known for?

With corporate & investment banking, commercial banking and wealth management operations, Unicredit is a pan-European bank with a strong presence in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

How do I get my bank statement UniCredit?

Below the general data of the selected account (account nr, ccy, account name, client name, branch, opening and closing balance) you can see the booked transactions. By clicking on a specific transaction you can see the details. You can export or print the account statement in various formats.

What is UniCredit?

UniCredit is a pan-European Commercial Bank with a unique franchise in Italy, Germany, Central Europe and Eastern Europe and a Corporate & Investment Banking across all group geographies. We meet real client needs with real solutions thanks to commitment of our 87.956 employees*.

When was Unicredit founded?


What is the swift code for Unicredit Banca Italy?


Swift code (8 characters) UNCRITMM
Branch name UNICREDIT S.P.A.
Branch code XXX

What is the swift code for UniCredit Banca Italy?

When was UniCredit founded?

How do I activate Unicredit online banking?

1. download the Smart Banking application from Google Play or AppStore, depending on the type of your mobile phone, or click on the link delivered to you in the first SMS. 2. enter a user number (for logging into the online Banking) and a 16-digit activation code delivered to you in the second SMS.

How do I activate Unicredit internet banking?

Starting the activation process: download and start the application, and select the Activate app with Internet Banking [eBanking] username and password option. Enter your Internet Banking username and password. Then you have to accept the terms and conditions of the service to proceed.

How do I send money to UniCredit?

To make a transfer of funds between your personal accounts in UniCredit Bulbank, follow the steps:

  1. Click on the “Payments” button in the navigation bar at the bottom part of the screen.
  2. Select the option “Transfer between my accounts”.

How many customers has UniCredit?

We accompany and support our 25 million clients globally, providing them with unparalleled access to our leading banks in 14 core markets as well as to an another 18 countries worldwide.