What are Atmos clocks worth?

Value of Atmos Clocks The value of an Atmos clock may lie in its condition more than in its serial number or age. The most common Atmos types in fairly good condition can fetch anywhere from $300 to upward of $1,000. This is for model numbers 519, 526, 528 and 540.

How long will an Atmos clock run?

The Atmos converts thermal variations into mechanical energy efficiently enough that left to its own devices, the clock will run essentially indefinitely (the mechanism’s so efficient that a one degree change in temp provides enough juice for 48 hours’ run time).

Do they still make Atmos clocks?

Are Atmos Clocks still manufactured and if so where? Since the late 1930’s, Atmos Clocks have always been manufactured in the same factory, in the Jura Mountains in Switzerland, by highly skilled, master clockmakers and watchmakers. New models of Atmos clocks are manufactured each year.

How do I date my Atmos clock?

There is a simple formula for dating Atmos clocks made in 1954 or later. Take the serial number and divide it by 20,000. Add that to 1954, and you should be within a year or two. Your clock is right around 1954, maybe 1955.

What is the most expensive Atmos clock?

The most expensive watch Jaeger-LeCoultre offers is the $2.5 million Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie.

Which Atmos clock do I have?

The Serial Number of an Atmos Clock is usually located on the top of the Movement, by the Speed Adjustment Lever. On some very older models, the serial number may actually be on the front of the Movement -near the hands and on Antique Reutter Clocks the serial number is often on the Back “Drum” portion.

How accurate is JLC Atmos?

The Atmos® clock operates without batteries, electricity or winding. It is accurate and silent but very sensitive, as it requires only an extremely low amount of energy to operate. The Atmos® clock must not be moved once it has been started.

Why does my Atmos clock keep stopping?

An Atmos keeping good time does not need any periodic maintenance. Once an Atmos clock starts stopping it generally means that it needs a Clean and an overhaul, very little amounts of dirt will bring your atmos clock to a stop.

What model is my Atmos clock?

How accurate is an Atmos clock?

All the components of the Atmos® clock are amazingly accurate and dependable; hence it has virtually wear-free operation. Nevertheless, as a result of pollution in the surrounding atmosphere, it is recommended that you should have your clock checked and serviced regularly.

Are Atmos clocks gold plated?

Restore Your Atmos Clock to New Condition! Atmos Case Restoration / Refinishing: All Case Parts are disassembled, cleaned, polished and then re-plated with new 24KT Gold. A fresh coat of clear Lacquer is applied to the refinished Case parts to protect the beautiful new Gold finish.

How do I stop my Atmos clock?

To set your clock back, stop the clock by using the Pendulum locking lever. After one hour or so has passed, start the clock again and adjust the time if needed with the minute hand only (never touch the hour hand).