What are Skidoo ice scratchers for?

Ice scratchers are installed to the rails of your rear suspension with one on each side. These scratchers have a sharp tip that digs into solid snow pack and ice to create a “snow dust”. They loosen the snow and ice chunks as you ride. Then, that loose snow is thrown up into the rear suspension.

Are snowmobile ice scratchers universal?

Dura Flex ice scratchers come standard with carbide tips, are preassembled and require only one-bolt to mount. These particular cable ice scratchers are universal and can easily hook up onto the rail when not being used. Plus they work with all reverse and non-reverse geared snowmobiles.

What are rail ice scratchers?

Ice Scratchers are a small spring tine or cable with a hardened steel tip that is specifically designed to drag across (scratch) the surface of an icy lake, plowed road or hard packed trail as your snowmobile drives.

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Are ice scratchers necessary?

Ice Scratchers have become a necessary add on accessory for many snowmobilers as cheap insurance to keep their machine running cool in low snow conditions and increase hyfax lifespan.

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Are there any ice scratchers on Ski Doo?

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How much does a snowmobile ice scratcher cost?

Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Learn more Snowmobile ice scratchers originated in the mountains for long track sleds, but, given the riding conditions that the Midwest has seen in the last few years, ice scratchers are starting to look like a must have for everyone now.

Can a cable ice scratcher be used in reverse?

That’s why cable ice scratchers are so popular. You can go in reverse without them breaking, and they have interchangeable tips, so if you find yourself dragging them over pavement a lot, don’t worry about it. You can just replace the tip! The other option would be to use ski mounted ice scratchers.