What are the 32 elements?

The Elements, sorted by Atomic Number

Atomic Number Symbol Name
32 Ge Germanium
33 As Arsenic
34 Se Selenium
35 Br Bromine

What are some properties of the A groups in the periodic table?

Characteristics of groups and periods in a periodic table

  • Atomic Size: From top to bottom in a group, the size of atom increases as a new shell to the atom.
  • Valence Electrons(V.E) : Number of valence electrons in a group are same.
  • Valency: All elements in a group generally have the same valency.

What are the first 32 elements?

Terms in this set (32)

  • Hydrogen. H.
  • Helium. He.
  • Lithium. Li.
  • Beryllium. Be.
  • Boron. B.
  • Carbon. C.
  • Nitrogen. N.
  • Oxygen. O.

What element has an atomic number of 32?


atomic number 32
atomic weight 72.63
melting point 937.4° C (1,719.3° F)
boiling point 2,830° C (5,130° F)
density 5.323 g/cm3

What are the 8 elements of Periodic Table?

Group 8 is a group (column) of chemical elements in the periodic table. It consists of iron (Fe), ruthenium (Ru), osmium (Os) and hassium (Hs). They are all transition metals….Group 8 element.

Hydrogen Rubidium

What are the 7 groups in the periodic table?

What are the 7 groups in the periodic table

  • The Alkali Metals.
  • The Alkaline Earth Metals.
  • The Transition Metals.
  • The Metalloids.
  • Other Metals.
  • The Non-metals.
  • The Halogens.
  • The Noble Gases.

What are the first 36 elements and their symbols?

Names & Symbols for the first 36 elements

Names & Symbols for the first 36 elements
nitrogen = atomic number 7 N potassium = atomic number 19 K
oxygen = atomic number 8 O calcium = atomic number 20 Ca
fluorine = atomic number 9 F scandium = atomic number 21 Sc
neon = atomic number 10 Ne titanium = atomic number 22 Ti

What does G stand for on the periodic table?

Gallium is a chemical element with the symbol Ga and atomic number 31. The melting point of gallium is used as a temperature reference point.

What are the properties of a group?

A group is a finite or infinite set of elements together with a binary operation (called the group operation) that together satisfy the four fundamental properties of closure, associativity, the identity property, and the inverse property.

What are the two main groups on the periodic table?

In chemistry and physics, the main group elements are any of the chemical elements belonging to the s and p blocks of the periodic table. The s-block elements are group 1 (alkali metals) and group 2 (alkaline earth metals).

How are properties determined on the periodic table?

Chemical properties of each element are determined by the element’s electronic configuration , and particularly by its outermost valence electrons. An element’s location in the periodic table is largely dependent on its electrons; the number of valence shell electrons determines its group, and the type of orbital in which the valence electrons lie in determines the element’s block.

What are the elements in Group 18 of the periodic table?

Elements in Group 18 of the Periodic Table are: Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon. These elements are known as noble gases.