What are the rules and regulation for sepak takraw?

In Sepak Takraw, players are allowed a maximum of three contacts with the ball to get it over the net. A coin toss will decide which Regu will start service, while the other Regu can pick the side of court they wish to start on. The feeder will start the game by tossing the ball to the server.

How and when a service is done for sepak takraw?

The inside players lift their foot, cross the quarter circle, or touch the net during tossing of the ball before the serve. The server jumps of the ground during a serve. The server fails to kick the ball once it is tossed by the inside players. The ball does not goes to the opponent side after serve.

How many players are in a sepak takraw team?

three players
The game is played on an area the size of a doubles badminton court, with three players on each side of a 1.52 m high net (fig 1). A team consists of three players: feeder, tekong/server, and spiker/killer. Positions in sepak takraw game before the start of a rally.

What is the equipment of sepak takraw?

The equipment used in Sepak Takraw are mostly comprised of the net and the hand woven rattan ball. Besides these two, other equipment such as playing jersey, shoes and protective guards are also used.

What are the basic skills of sepak takraw?

  • Inside kick. Regarded as the most common and basic kick in sepak takraw, the inside kick is used for controlling the ball.
  • Outside kick. Not very commonly used, the outside kick is a defensive kick that propels the ball upwards.
  • Knee kick.
  • Header.
  • Horse kick serve.
  • Sunback spike.
  • Roll spike.

What is the most important basic skills in Sepak Takraw?

What is the equipment of Sepak Takraw?

What are the 3 positions in Sepak Takraw?

Sepak takraw team called ‘Regu’ which consist of three positions i.e., tekong, feeder and spiker. Each position has their particular role during the game.

What are the basic skills of Sepak Takraw?

What is the weight of Sepak Takraw ball?

170 – 180 grams
Any ball without a synthetic rubber covering must have 12 holes, 20 intersections and a circumference of 0.41m to 0.43m for men and 0.42m to 0.44m for women. It should have a weight of 170 – 180 grams for men and 150 – 160 grams for women.

What are the two types of Sepak Takraw event?

Sepak takraw is a regular sport event in the Asian Games and the Southeast Asian Games. There are two types of event categories: the regu and the doubles regu.

What are the rules for playing sepak takraw?

The following are some of the basic rules to be followed when playing Sepak Takraw. Two teams must play the game each containing three players. The court size and markings of the court must be based on the official regulations for playing a Sepak Takraw game. The serving chance is decided by coin toss before the start of the game.

What was the review of the Sepaktakraw law?

A review team comprising some representatives from the various Sepaktakraw Federations have reviewed the existing Law of the Game with the view to fine-tuning the rules and regulations so that any ambiguity is removed.

What are the terms in the law of the game?

THE TERMS USED IN THE LAW OF THE GAME 1.! Center Line – A line that divides the court into two sides. 2.! Quarter Circle – An area inside the court where the inner players are stationed during service. 3.! Service Circle (- An area inside the court where the Tekong Server)positions himself during service.