What are the top 100 largest cities?

The 100 Biggest Cities Have 59,849,899 People, and the Rural Areas Have 59,492,267 People

City Population
1 New York, NY 8,175,133
2 Los Angeles, CA 3,792,621
3 Chicago, IL 2,695,598
4 Houston, TX 2,099,451

What are the 10 largest cities in the US by land area?

The top ten largest cities by area are:

  • Sitka, AK (2,870.3 mi2)
  • Juneau, AK (2,701.9 mi2)
  • Wrangell, AK (2,542.5 mi2)
  • Anchorage, AK (1,704.7 mi2)
  • Jacksonville, FL (747 mi2)
  • Anaconda, MT (735.6 mi2)
  • Butte, MT (716.2 mi2)
  • Oklahoma City, OK (607 mi2)

What is the largest city per square mile in the United States?

New York City is No. 1 for both population and density with its 8.6 million residents packed into 303 square miles, or 28,492 people per square mile. San Francisco is second (18,868 per square mile), Jersey City third (18,306) and Boston (14,190) fourth.

What is the 14th largest city in the US?

The U.S. Census Bureau says the population of Columbus now ranks ahead of San Francisco. Population estimates released this week show Columbus has nearly nine thousand more residents, but the metropolitan area of San Francisco remains twice as large.

What US city is growing the fastest?

Ranked: The Fastest Growing Cities in the U.S.

Rank City Avg. Growth Rate (’20-’25p)
1 The Woodlands 4.76%
2 Temecula-Murrieta 3.66%
3 Concord 3.51%
4 Visalia 3.39%

What’s the smallest city in America?

Lost Springs, Wyoming
State Wyoming
County Converse
Year of incorporation 1911

What is the smallest city in the US?

What are the top 100 largest cities in the US?


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  • What US city has the largest population?

    The largest city in the United States is New York with a population of 8.4 million. The city is made up of several boroughs, namely the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens , Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

    What are the four the biggest States in the US?

    1) Alaska. The largest state is Alaska, with a total area of 665,384.04 sq mi. 2) Texas. With a total area of 268,596.46 sq mi, Texas is the 2nd largest U.S. 3) California. That’s the California state motto-it’s a Greek word meaning “I have found it,” and it refers to the 1849 discovery of gold in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. 4) Montana. 5) New Mexico.

    What is the smallest city in the US in size?

    It’s tied with Valley City as the smallest by population-both with 13 residents as of 2019-but we’re giving the edge to the smaller by size, which is Kaskaskia at just 67 acres.