What bread comes in a can?

The bread you’ll find inside these cans is Boston brown bread, a moist, chewy, and dense bread that typically contains whole wheat flour, molasses, baking soda, cornmeal, and salt.

Do people eat canned bread?

New Englanders serve canned bread several ways. Once extracted from its can, the bread can be sliced and served simply with butter, cream cheese, or jam. (B&M offers a plain version or one with raisins.) For a heartier meal, a Saturday night tradition involves pouring baked beans and chopped hot dogs over the bread.

Can you freeze B&M brown bread?

Answer: Brown bread will keep in the freezer if it is tightly wrapped with plastic wrap or in an airtight container.

What is the shelf life of B&M brown bread?

a two year
This shelf stable bread has a two year shelf life from the date of manufacture, making it a pantry staple for generations. Spread B&M Original Brown Bread with cream cheese, peanut butter and jam, or flavored cheese spreads topped with luncheon meat.

Why bread in a can?

Most sources said that the colonists in New England invented Canned Bread. They started using wheat and rye in making canned bread because they were easy to get and cheap. Since they did not have ovens back then, they would just cook it over open fire and steam it instead of baking it.

Why is there bread in a can?

Where did canned bread come from? Commonly known as Boston brown bread, it’s believed to have been created by early Americans with rye and cornmeal, and it was steamed, rather than baked in an oven, simply because ovens weren’t always available (via The Chicago Tribune).

How do you eat brown bread in a can?

Just open both sides of the can and slide the brown bread in a can out. Dense, moist, and made from natural ingredients, B&M’s brown bread is a solid ready-to-eat representative of the classic New England dish.

What does the B & M stand for in B&M baked beans?

1867. Burnham & Morrill Company is founded by George Burnham and Charles.

Do they still make brown bread in a can?

The company, best known for baked beans, still makes brown bread in a can; its factory stands tall on Casco Bay, at the north side of Portland, but brown bread, always a regional specialty, has become even more so. In fact, brown bread, as sweet and moist as cake, is fast becoming a rarity in New England too.

How long will canned bread last?

According to contemporary witnesses and experts, the shelf life of tinned bread is about ten years, however, the specified minimum shelf life even today is only a modest two years. Tinned bread can actually achieve a shelf life of more than 50 years!

Is canned bread cooked in the can?

Canned breads are steam-cooked in a can and their main ingredients are whole wheat flour, cornmeal, and molasses. This food gives a nostalgic vibe to families and is popular around the holidays.

What does bread in a can taste like?

So the big question all you non-Yankees are undoubtedly wondering is, “What does canned bread taste like?” While it may not look particularly appetizing with its rings around the edges, similar to a cylinder of canned cranberry sauce, it has a somewhat sweet taste because of the molasses, and has a crumbly texture …

What kind of bread is in a can?

Intrigued and a bit confused, I clicked on her post and read through comments from people who grew up in the New England area, many of whom expressed fond memories of eating B&M Brown Bread, which is available in both plain and raisin varieties. B&M, a baked bean manufacturer, has been making bread in a can since the 1920s.

Where is B & M Brown bread in a can?

As a ready-to-eat version of the regional bread favorite, B&M Brown Bread in a can is a quirky, beloved, and convenient New England tradition. Aimee Tucker • October 6, 2020 • Read Comments (221) In New England, one of the most popular varieties of brown bread is made by B&M in Portland, Maine, and it’s sold in a can.

Who was the founder of B & M canned bread?

You can thank George Burnham and Charles Morrill, co-founders of B&M for canned bread. Founded in 1867, B&M originally canned meats, seafood, and corn, but expanded to canned baked beans in the 1920s to combat declining sales, according to New England Today.

What do you serve canned bread with in New England?

B&M canned bread is a favorite in New England served up with Boston Baked Beans. with Pilot Crackers) because it has a long shelf life. It’s a bit of