What caliber was the Martini-Henry rifle?


Martini–Henry Mk I–IV
Cartridge .577/450 Boxer-Henry .577/450 Martini–Henry .303 British 11.43×55R (Ottoman) 11.43×59R (Romanian) 7.65×53 (Ottoman)
Action Martini Falling Block
Rate of fire 12 rounds/minute
Muzzle velocity 1,300 ft/s (400 m/s)

What is a Martini-Henry worth?

Recent caches found in Nepal have softened the market and slowed the skyrocketing values of these weapons, which currently go for about $600 to $700 for a 1880s-dated weapon in good to very good condition, and $750 to $900 for an 1870s dated weapon in similar condition.

Can you own a Martini-Henry in the UK?

The obsolete calibre Martini-Henry rifles are legal to own without a licence in the UK under Section 58 (2) of the firearms act. Because of this, there is a strong demand for these rifles amongst collectors and we always find they sell well with us at auction.

What was the rifle used at Rorke’s Drift?

Britain’s legendary single-shot Martini-Henry rifle achieved its greatest fame during the hard-fought Zulu Wars of the late 1870s. On January 22, 1879, while working on the bank of the Drift, Lieutenant John Chard, Royal Engineers, officer commanding at Rorke’s drift, received news of the slaughter at Isandhlwana.

What replaced the Martini-Henry?

The Martini-Henry remained in service until the late 1880s when it was replaced by the Lee-Metford, the first magazine-fed, bolt-action rifle to be used by the British Army.

How old is the Martini Henry?

The Martini–Henry was a breech-loading single-shot lever-actuated rifle used by the British Army. It first entered service in 1871, eventually replacing the Snider–Enfield, a muzzle-loader conversion to the cartridge system. Martini–Henry variants were used throughout the British Empire for 30 years.

Do you need a license for a Martini Henry?

Martini Henry mk1 shortlever: Plenty of engraving and its marked up as a Martini Henry no. 13 – but a no13 is a tiny training model . 22 and this is definatly not one of those. Full working action, no license required.

What does obsolete Calibre mean?

The Obsolete Calibre List covers ‘Antiques’ under Section 58 of the Firearms act. The Act does not define the term ‘antique’, and it is for the chief officer of police and for the Courts to consider each case on its merits. …

Did Zulus really salute at Rorke’s Drift?

The garrison’s heroism was no myth, but the Victorians lionised Rorke’s Drift to compensate for the debacle at nearby Isandhlwana, a British camp where 20,000 Zulus killed over 1,000 soldiers on the same day.

Did Rorke’s Drift have Gatling guns?

As far as Gatling guns go, none were used at the Rorke’s Drift fight. John, Gatling guns were used during the war, but else where in theatre – their effect at Ulundi has been much remarked upon.

What kind of rifle was the Martini Henry?

The Martini-Henry was perhaps the most famous military rifle of the Victorian era incorporating the early short lever with 33″ barrel in the new.45 caliber. This was the first manufactured breech loader to be adopted for general issue by the British Army.

When was the Martini Henry Mark IV made?

Most of the .402 rifles were re-bored to .450 and designated the Martini-Henry, Mark IV. The various models of the Martini-Henry were used in every war and military expedition that the British army conducted from 1872 through the 1890s.

What was the weight of a Martini Henry?

Weight of the Martini-Henry was a hefty nine pounds. The rear sight was graduated to 1,400 yards, although the long-range shooting ability of the Martini-Henry was found to be somewhat lacking. The cartridge adopted was a necked-down version of the earlier .577 Snider round.

How did the Zulus use the Martini Henry rifle?

Zulu snipers took potshots at the soldiers using old muzzleloaders and captured Martini-Henry rifles, but in the case of the latter arms, they believed that setting the slide on the rear sight as high as possible would increase the potency of the ammunition. As a result, they usually fired well over the heads of the British.