What can I use instead of RequireJS?

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— Browserify Jul 30, 2021
— stealjs Jun 19, 2017
— rollup.js Sep 24, 2019
— qoopido.demand Feb 28, 2020

Should I use Browserify or Webpack?

It’s obvious that webpack is the most popular tool for JavaScript app development. The main difference between these workflows is that Browserify needs the help of Gulp or Grunt while webpack already has all the important features available. However, Browserify is much easier to learn and utilize.

Is RequireJS obsolete?

RequireJS has been a hugely influential and important tool in the JavaScript world. It’s still used in many solid, well-written projects today. But as it has stagnated and competitors have grown up, it now suffers compared to the alternatives.

How add RequireJS to HTML?

To include the Require. js file, you need to add the script tag in the html file. Within the script tag, add the data-main attribute to load the module. This can be taken as the main entry point to your application.

Is parcel better than Webpack?

Although Parcel performs faster than Webpack when watching, which is more important than the initial bundling since you will mostly watch and run initial bundling only once, the difference in the initial bundling is too much.

Is snowpack better than webpack?

Introduced in 2019, Snowpack is a new-generation, front-end build tool for JavaScript applications. Compared to webpack, Snowpack is faster, more lightweight, and much easier to configure for beginners.

Is webpack better than Gulp?

Webpack is a bundler whereas Gulp is a task runner, so you’d expect to see these two tools commonly used together. Simply put, Webpack is such a powerful tool that it can already perform the vast majority of the tasks you’d otherwise do through a task runner.

Is webpack better than gulp?