What climate zones are in Portugal?

Portugal is divided into three winter climate zones (I1, I2, I3) and three summer climate zones (V1, V2, V3).

Is Portugal in the temperate zone?

Portugal is mainly characterized by a warm temperate, mediterranean climate with a distinct wet season in winter.

What climate zone is Lisbon?

Lisbon and its metropolitan area feature a mild subtropical or a Hot-summer Mediterranean climate (Köppen: Csa), with short and mild winters and warm to hot summers. According to Troll-Paffen climate classification, Lisbon has a warm-temperate subtropical climate (Warmgemäßigt-subtropisches Zonenklima).

What is Portugal’s climate?

The climate of Portugal is temperate and influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. In the north, the climate is cool and rainy, while moving south it becomes gradually warmer and sunnier; in the far south, the region of Algarve has a dry and sunny microclimate.

Where is the best climate in Portugal?

The Algarve
The Algarve has the best climate in Europe, meaning the most days of sun, and it also gains from prevailing winds. Between the water and the wind, this region is never unbearably hot and rarely humid. Temperatures range between about 60°F and 90°F with humidity hovering around 80%.

Is Portugal a good place to live?

In 2019, Global Finance magazine ranked Portugal fourth amongst the safest countries in the world, and in 2020 it was placed third in the Global ranking of peaceful countries. Portugal has a low crime rate. The Portuguese are a friendly and welcoming people and treat immigrants with warmth, kindness and openness.

What is the warmest part of Portugal?

the Algarve
Southern-most Portugal is the country’s most prized tourist destination: the Algarve. The Algarve is the sunniest, driest, and warmest part of the country.

What’s the average temperature in the sines of Portugal?

Over the course of the year, temperatures in Sines typically vary from 8 degrees Celsius (48°F) to 27 degrees Celsius (81°F) and are rarely below 5 degrees Celsius (42°F) or above 32 degrees Celsius (90°F).

What to see and do in Sines, Portugal?

Sines is a small seaside town that rests on the Alentejo coast and is known for being the birthplace of the great explorer Vasco da Gama. Famous for its breathtaking kilometres of sandy beaches and wild, untamed waves, this historic fishing town is a must-see on your trip to Portugal.

What’s the climate like in the city of sines?

The climate here is mild, and generally warm and temperate. The winters are rainier than the summers in Sines. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Csa. The average temperature in Sines is 16.9 °C.

What’s the average amount of sunshine in Sines?

In June there are an average of 10.99 hours of sunshine a day and a total of 340.65 hours of sunshine. January has the lowest number of hours of sunshine in Sines on average. In January there are an average of 6.43 hours of sunshine a day and a total of 199.29 hours of sunshine.