What color is weather wood shingles?

Weathered cedar shingles are a distinguished grayish-silver color.

Are tamko Heritage shingles 30 year?

Heritage shingles Heritage – TAMKO’s primary brand line is its Heritage series shingles. The standard Heritage shingles feature a fiberglass mat with textured cuts to give it a layered appearance. The Heritage IR shingles also include a 15-year Full Start Period and a 30-year limited warranty.

Are tamko Heritage shingles impact resistant?

— TAMKO Building Products, Inc. has expanded the popular Heritage® series of laminated asphalt shingles to include Heritage® IR. Reinforced construction enables the Heritage IR shingles to meet the UL 2218 Class 4 impact resistance rating. Other shingles may crack or rupture during the test.

Is weathered wood shingles brown or gray?

From a distance you can see that weathered wood isn’t a solid brown color. Instead, it’s a color-blended shingle. It’s base is a deep brown but it’s accented with deep red and lighter brown shades.

What is the best color for roof shingles?

17 Facts and Tips on How to Pick Shingle Colors to Complement Your Home

Beige/Cream Brown, Black, Grey, Green, Blue
Brown Grey, Brown, Green, Blue
White Almost any color including Brown, Grey, Black, Green, Blue, White
Weathered Wood or Log Houses Brown, Green, Black, Grey

What color shingles are most energy efficient?

“Cool” roofs are lighter in color than traditional black asphalt or dark wood shingles and save energy by reflecting light and heat away rather than absorbing them. This is known as “the albedo effect,” and many studies have documented significant energy savings from simply lightening the color of a roof.

Is tamko better than CertainTeed?

Quality And Performance. A study published by Consumer Reports in June 2009 shows that CertainTeed branded shingles are better than their Tamko counterparts. Both products have similar scores when it came to strength, resilience, and weather resistance. CertainTeed products were better though at resisting impact damage …

What tamko shingles are discontinued?

After a deluge of consumer complaints, including premature cracking, curling, and delamination , Tamko has discontinued their Lamarite Slate product. That means your Lamarite roof isn’t doing its job of protecting your home, family, and possessions.

Are tamko shingles any good?

Tamko is a more affordable shingle in all tiers – good, better and best. The brand offers good quality and value.

What class are tamko Heritage shingles?

Class 4
TAMKO Building Products, Inc. is expanding its popular Heritage® line of laminated asphalt shingles to include a new Heritage® IR shingle. The innovative new reinforced shingle is classified by the Underwriters Laboratories for compliance with UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance.

What is the most popular roof shingle color?

The most popular colors of roof shingles are shades of black, brown, gray, and red. These popular shingle colors stem from the materials that builders have been using for centuries: slate, wood, metal, and clay.

What is the most popular Timberline shingle color?

The most popular Timberline colors are neutral tones in greys. For a unique roofing look, try something bold like Biscayne Blue or Hunter Green. Timberline American Harvest shingles are the latest in color options from GAF.

How much do Tamko shingles cost?

TAMKO metal shingles cost roughly $4 to $6 per square foot installed ($8,000 to $12,000). Slate TAMKO roofing shingles cost around $6 to $8 per square foot installed ($12,000 to $16,000).

Where to buy Tamko?

TAMKO ® products are sold exclusively through dealers and distributors across the United States and parts of Canada.

What is a roofing material?

Roofing material is the outermost layer on the roof of a building, sometimes self-supporting, but generally supported by an underlying structure.