What did the Tainos wear?

Men wore loincloths and women wore aprons of cotton or palm fibres. Both sexes painted themselves on special occasions, and they wore earrings, nose rings, and necklaces, which were sometimes made of gold. The Taino also made pottery, baskets, and implements of stone and wood.

Why did the Tainos wear ornaments?

They believed in afterlife and great care was given to the dead. Skull designs represent dead ancestors. Zemies who represented ancestors were objects of great power and were perceived as supernatural beings who could help the person who possessed them.

Did the Tainos grow cotton?

One of the primary crops cultivated by the Taíno was cassava or yuca, which they ate as a flat bread. They also grew corn, squash, beans, peppers, sweet potatoes, yams, peanuts as well as tobacco. They not only had cotton, but they raised tobacco and enjoyed smoking very much.

What are the colors of the Tainos?

These three confederated Taino tribal bands form the central Grand Council of the Government of The Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation. The flag dimensions are 3:5 and spot colors are Pantone 347 green; Pantone 485 red; Pantone 116 yellow, and black .

How did Tainos wear their hair?

Taíno women commonly wore their hair with bangs in front and longer in back, and they occasionally wore gold jewelry, paint, and/or shells. Taíno men and unmarried women did not usually wear clothes, and were naked. The Taíno lived in settlements called yucayeques, which varied in size depending on the location.

What is the name of the Tainos God?

Taíno religion, as recorded by late 15th and 16th century Spaniards, centered on a supreme creator god and a fertility goddess. The creator god is Yúcahu Maórocoti and he governs the growth of the staple food, the cassava. The goddess is Attabeira, who governs water, rivers, and seas.

Are all Puerto Rican Taínos?

DNA evidence shows that most Puerto Ricans are a blending of Taino (Indian), Spanish and African according to studies by Dr. Juan Martinez-Cruzado. Most Puerto Ricans know, or think they know, their ethnic and racial history: a blending of Taino (Indian), Spanish and African.

How did Taínos wear their hair?

What is another name for Taínos?

The Taínos of the Bahamas were known as the ‘”Lucayan”. (At that time, the Bahamas were called the Lucayas). Lucayos were Taínos, but their culture was less developed. Archeologists call them “sub-Taínos”.

Are all Puerto Rican Tainos?

What kind of clothing did the Taino wear?

The Taino did not wear clothing, except for a small apron worn by married women; they lived in huts made of woven cane, round ones (bohios) for the general population, square ones (caneyes) for the caciques. Like the Mayan, the Taino also practiced head shaping, whereby at birth children had their heads bound to flatten their foreheads.

What did the Taino do to the saladoids?

The Tainos enslaved the Saladoids, making them a labouring underclass that was denied Taino luxuries such as hammocks and cassava. The Spanish later noted this ‘underclass’ calling them the Naborias.

Where did the Taino people of Jamaica come from?

By the time of Columbus’s arrival in 1494 the Jamaican Tainos were part of approximately 6 million Arawakan speaking people of the Greater Antilles and the Bahamas (where they were known as the Lucayans). They knew Jamaica as ‘Yamaye’, the land of springs. Jamaica had over 200 village sites ruled by chiefs or caciques.

How did the Taino affect the New World?

The Taino were the first people of the New World to encounter the Europeans as they expanded westwards, and soon were to face harsh slavery and virtual extinction. However they were not fully exterminated, as history has led us to believe.