What do I do if my expander is loose?

If your expander comes loose, push it back into place and avoid eating any hard, sticky, crunchy or chewy foods. Make an emergency appointment with your orthodontist right away.

Does it hurt to tighten an expander?

No, it doesn’t hurt. After the expander is turned you may feel pressure in the area of the teeth, and tingling around the bridge of the nose or under your eyes.

How do you adjust a palate expander?

Adjusting the palatal expander

  1. In a well-lit area, tip the patient’s head back.
  2. Place the key in the hole until it is firmly in place.
  3. Push the key toward the back of the mouth. You will notice the fender will rotate and the new hole will appear.
  4. Press back and down toward the tongue to remove the key.

Do expanders change your face?

Additional orthodontic work is sometimes needed in more severe cases. A Herpst appliance or a palatal expander can move the jaw or widen the upper jaw. The ultimate result is a new smile and, in most moderate to severe cases, orthodontics change the shape of your face – subtly.

At what age should a child get an expander?

The ideal age for a child to get a palate expander is when they’re young, around 7 to 8 years old. The palate is forming rapidly, so it’s easier for orthodontists to reshape. The palate structure solidifies as children get older, usually around puberty, making it harder for it to widen.

How many times do you turn an expander?

We typically recommend turning the expander two times a day for approximately two weeks to ensure your child is comfortable and has the best results.

Can you turn an expander the wrong way?

Sometimes the appliance screw can turn backward. In that case, the hole may be further back on the appliance. To correct this, insert the key in the hole facing the back of the expander and push it in the direction of the arrow (toward the throat) until the next hole is visible at the front of the appliance.

Do expanders make you talk funny?

Altered Speech – When the expander goes in, the patient may talk a little funny and have a lisp. This is only temporary, and will usually last less than a couple days. The more the patient talks, the sooner he or she will get used to it and talk normally again.

How do you swallow with an expander in your mouth?

When you first have the expander placed, your mouth may produce more saliva. If this occurs, make a conscious effort to swallow normally by closing your lips and pushing your tongue up against the roof of your mouth. Dry not to “slurp” as it will drive your family crazy!

Does a palate expander change your face?

Does Palatal Expander Change Face Shape? Palate expander will not make your face wider. However, if you have a facial asymmetry associated with posterior dental cross bite, then palatal expander can improve your facial asymmetry.

Do expanders help breathing?

Used to widen or expand the upper jaw, a palatal expander can be used as an effective treatment for patients with sleep apnea. Expanding the upper jaw also effects the floor of the nasal cavity, helping to increase air flow and making breathing easier.

What happens when you turn your Expander on?

IT SHOULD NOT HURT AT ALL WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR EXPANDER TURNED. If you feel any discomfort, please call our office to discuss. A tingling sensation may occur on the bridge of your nose. Over time, you may develop space open between your two front teeth, but don’t worry, it is only temporary. How Do I Clean My Expander?

What should I do if my expander ruptures?

Request a plastic port. If radiation is a possibility, ask your surgeon for a plastic (rather than a metal) port. Alternately, you can ask if the expansion can be accelerated so that the permanent implant can be inserted before radiation. Surgery after radiation can be much more challenging. Avoid risky physical activities.

How to remove a key from an expander?

Push the key gently and steadily from the front toward the back of the mouth. You should feel some resistance while turning it. You will notice that the next hole will rotate in position as you complete your turn. Remove the key by pushing it toward the throat out of the hole.

Is it easy to remove Rapid palatal expander?

It is quick and easy and painless to remove the expander. Attached to the upper molars through bonding or by cemented bands, the Rapid Palatal Expander is an orthodontic device used to create a wider space in the upper jaw.