What does 215 60R16 95h mean?

215 The section width (in mm), which is the distance between the tyre’s exterior sidewalls when the tyre is fitted to the recommended rim, inflated to the recommended pressure, and not under load. 60. The percentage, which describes the tyre’s profile or aspect ratio. It’s the ratio.

What does t/h mean on Michelin tires?

Does this tire fit your vehicle? The Defender T+H tire is Michelin’s Standard Touring All-Season tire developed for the drivers of coupes, family sedans, minivans and small crossover vehicles looking for a long-lasting, comfortable tire that delivers all-season traction in the dry, wet and light snow.

How do you read a 215 60R16?

How to read your tires codes

  1. “215” represents the width of the tire from sidewall to sidewall. The larger the number, the wider the tire.
  2. “60” is the aspect ratio. This is the official sidewall height shown as a percentage of section width.
  3. “R” is the radial construction.

Can I use 215 60R16 instead of 225 60R16?

They’ll work fine. The difference between a 215/60 and a 225/60 isn’t enough to cause any problems. Your speedo will read a little fast but maybe that’ll help keep you from getting speeding tickets. Actually, going from a 225/60R16 to a 215/60R16 is a change in both diameter and sidewall.

Can I use 215 60r17 instead of 215 55r17?

Can I use 215 60r17 instead of 215 55r17? It won’t be a problem from a safety standpoint. The only difference you might see is a speedometer error. You will notice more difference from the tire construction than the tire size.

Does Michelin make a 80000 mile tire?

Designed for the doers, Michelin’s longest-lasting tire keeps you on the go longer* –because life never stops moving. Mileage warranty: 80,000 miles.

What size is a 215 60R16?

Tire Size Calculator – Tire & Wheel Plus Sizing BETA

Unit: Imperial Imperial Metric
Section Width 8.46 in
Rim Diameter 16.00 in
Rim Width Range 5.50 in – 8.50 in
Overall Diameter 26.16 in

Can I put 225 tires instead of 215?

Yes, you can. But only if the rims on your car can accommodate tires that are 10-20 millimeters wider. Bear in mind that wider wheels require more fuel due to their increased rolling resistance. Again, wider tires are more costly than narrower ones because they need more rubber during construction.

What kind of Michelin tires should I use?

Safe when worn. Michelin Premier All-Season Touring Tires are a reliable performer for rainy, wet using the MICHELIN Premier A/S tires in sizes 235/55R17 99H and 215/60R16 95V buffed to 5/32″ of tread on 2012 Cadillac CTS and 2013 Honda Accord vehicles. Actual on-road results may vary.

What makes Michelin Premier LTX all season tire so good?

EverGrip™ technology helps with shorter stops on wet roads; Extreme amounts of silica in the EverGrip™ compound provide exceptional wet grip for everyday handling.; EverGrip™ Technology helps expand rain grooves widen and emerging grooves open as the tire wears to maintain traction.;

What makes Michelin defender better than other tires?

Stops Up to 31 Feet Shorter than Leading Competitor Tires Exceptional grip provided by IntelliSipe Technology maximizes the number of sipes within the tire, which allows you to brake confidently. [2]