What does editorialized mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to express an opinion in the form of an editorial. 2 : to introduce opinion into the reporting of facts.

What is personal editorializing?

to express an opinion in or as in an editorial. to insert one’s personal opinions into an otherwise objective account.

What does do not editorialize mean?

When you editorialize, you offer your opinion when it’s not appropriate. There are many times when it’s perfectly acceptable to express your personal opinion, but whenever it’s not okay — especially in journalism — you editorialize.

Is Editorialization a word?

« Editorialization », which is derived from the term « editorialize », signifies « to express an opinion in the form of an editorial». In 2007, the term « editorialization » is used by Bruno Bachimont who defines it as a « process that consists in enlisting resources for inclusion in a new publication ».

What is editorializing and why should you avoid it?

Editorializing is inserting your opinions into news coverages. You should not do this because it is a journalist’s job to present the facts and let the audience form their own opinions. If you editorialize, you risk alienating your audience who may view your work as biased to one point of view.

What is editorialized content?

Editorial content is anything published in print or on the Internet that is designed to inform, educate or entertain and is not created to attempt to sell something. It is considered to be the opposite of commercial content or advertising copy.

What is the meaning of pontification?

/ pɒnˌtɪf ɪˈkeɪ ʃən / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. pompous or dogmatic speech:I could emphasize research, or I could engage in pure pontification with no sources whatsoever.

How do you use editorialize in a sentence?

Editorialize in a Sentence 🔉

  1. As a serious reporter, Barbara thought it unethical to editorialize and made sure her new articles were strictly based on truths and not opinions.
  2. Our local newsprint included an opinion section in which the editor chose to editorialize his thoughts on war along with facts.

What is editorial content in social media?

Editorial content is anything published in print or on the Internet that is designed to inform, educate or entertain and is not created to attempt to sell something.

Who is a pompous person?

A pompous person is arrogant or conceited. He’ll walk into a party with an inflated ego, ready to tell anyone who will listen that “I’m kind of a big deal.” Today we associate the adjective pompous with self-important jerks.

What is dogmatic thinking?

To be dogmatic is to follow a set of rules no matter what. The rules might be religious, philosophical, or made-up, but dogmatic people would never waver in their beliefs so don’t even think of trying to change their minds.

What is editorial in literature?

An editorial is an article that presents a group’s opinion on an issue and because of this, it is usually unsigned. Just like a lawyer would, editorial writers build on an argument already made and try to persuade readers to agree with them on a current, burning issue.

What is an editorial comment?

Editorial Comment (n.) ( MeSH) Work consisting of a critical or explanatory note written to discuss, support, or dispute an article or other presentation previously published. It may take the form of an article, letter, editorial, etc. It appears in publications under a variety of names: comment, commentary, editorial comment, viewpoint, etc.

What is the definition of editorial?

Definition of editorial (Entry 2 of 2) : a newspaper or magazine article that gives the opinions of the editors or publishers also : an expression of opinion that resembles such an article a television editorial.