What does OS&Y mean on a valve?

outside stem and yoke
One type of valve commonly used to control water flow to fire sprinkler systems is known as an OS&Y gate valve. OS&Y means “outside stem and yoke” or “outside screw and yoke”.

Who makes Kennedy valves?

Kennedy Valve Manufacturing Co. is purchased by Grinnell Corp.

What does Kennedy Valve do?

In the 135 plus years since its founding, Kennedy Valve has expanded to be a full-line waterworks valve and hydrant manufacturer, supplying resilient seated gate valves, fire hydrants, check valves, butterfly valves, indicator posts, grooved butterfly valves and an assortment of related products and appurtenances.

What is a post indicator valve used for?

Installed in the main water line serving a building, the Post Indicator Valve (PIV) is a valve used to control the water supply to the fire sprinkler system. Most commonly a raised post, the PIV is found in the yard near the building or mounted on the outside of the building.

What is the purpose of a post indicator valve?

What is AWWA c515?

Item Details: This standard describes reduced-wall, resilient-seated gate valves with nonrising stems (NRS) and outside screw-and-yoke (OS&Y) rising stems, including tapping gate valves, for water supply service having a temperature range of 33º to 125ºF (0.6º to 52ºC).

Which of these valves is best for both on off service and flow throttling?

butterfly valve
The butterfly valve is used both for on-off and throttling services.

How do you test a gate valve?

Hydrostatic Closure Test or Seat Test, continue to test from Shell Test at the pressure not less than 1.1 times of Maximum Operating Pressure by closing the valve fully closed and then checking the leak through Seat and Disk. Both tests must be done on two (2) – Side of Gate Valve.

Which is a characteristic of outside screw and yoke OS&Y valves?

An OS&Y Valve (outside screw & yoke) functions by opening and closing via a gate, which lowers both in and out of the valve. When the handle is turned clockwise the gate will close preventing any water from traveling through the valve.

Is a post indicator valve required?

Except for fire department connections, Section 6.3. 6.1. 1 says that every water supply should have a listed indicating valve in an approved location. Post indicator valves are most commonly used to fulfill this requirement.