What does unswerving faith mean?

If someone’s trust or belief is unswerving, it is always strong and never becomes weaker: unswerving loyalty/devotion/support/faith.

What is a reposing?

the state of reposing or being at rest; rest; sleep. peace; tranquillity; calm. dignified calmness, as of manner; composure. absence of movement, animation, etc.: When in repose, her face recalls the Mona Lisa. SEE MORE.

What does repose confidence mean?

transitive if you repose something such as trust or confidence in someone, you have trust or confidence in them. Synonyms and related words. To depend on or trust someone or something. depend on.

What does the word repose suggest to you?

Repose is a formal or literary term used to mean the act of resting, or the state of being at rest. Repose is also a state of mind: freedom from worry.

What does unswerving mean in English?

1 : not swerving or turning aside. 2 : steady, unfaltering unswerving loyalty.

What does the word Undeviatingly mean?

adjective. going directly ahead from one point to another without veering or turning aside. “some people see evolution as an undeviating upward march from simple organisms to the very complex” synonyms: unswerving direct.

Does repose mean death?

Repose means to lie at rest or to rest in death. An example of repose is for a body to lie at a wake.

Does lying in state mean open casket?

Lying in state is the tradition in which the body of a dead official is placed in a state building, either outside or inside a coffin, to allow the public to pay their respects. It traditionally takes place in the principal government building of a country, state, or city.

How do you use the word repose?

Repose in a Sentence 🔉

  1. When you begin to meditate, you need to sit in repose and try to empty your mind of all thoughts.
  2. Not wishing to disturb whatever might be lying in repose, the troop tiptoed past the cave.
  3. Sometimes, when I don’t want anyone to bother me, I go to the public library, my favorite place of repose.

What is the meaning of unmediated?

: not mediated : not communicated or transformed by an intervening agency experience unmediated by artifice.

What does a tête à tête mean?

1 : a private conversation between two persons. 2 : a short piece of furniture (such as a sofa) intended to seat two persons especially facing each other. tête-à-tête. adverb. \ ˌtet-ə-ˈtet , ˌtāt-ə-ˈtāt \

What does it mean to be unbending?

1 : not bending : unyielding, inflexible an unbending will. 2 : aloof or unsocial in manner : reserved.