What happened at Timberline Knolls?

The Timberline Knolls rehab facility in Lemont, Ill., is supposed to be a haven for women and girls suffering from drug addiction and mental health issues. But prosecutors allege that a counselor there sexually assaulted or abused six female patients. Mike Jacksa faces 62 felony charges.

When did Timberline Knolls open?

Since its opening in early 2006, Timberline Knolls has served hundreds of adolescent girls and women of many ages who have needed treatment for a variety of eating and co-occurring disorders, substance abuse and addiction.

What county is Timberline Knolls in?

Cook County prosecutors allege that a Timberline Knolls counselor, Mike Jacksa, sexually assaulted or abused six patients last year at the leafy 43-acre rehab center in suburban Lemont.

Does Timberline Knolls accept Tricare?

Currently, Timberline Knolls has agreements with insurance companies like UBH / Optum, BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS), Beech Street,CIGNA, ComPsych, Humana/Corp Health, Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH), Magellan Health, MultiPlan, Three Rivers, ValueOptions as well as Tricare (Tricare dependents (ages 12 to 20) of any …

How many beds does Timberline Knolls have?

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACHC) today announced the acquisition of Timberline Knolls, a 122-bed inpatient behavioral healthcare facility located near Chicago in Lemont, Illinois.

What is Ortorexia?

Orthorexia is an unhealthy focus on eating in a healthy way. Eating nutritious food is good, but if you have orthorexia, you obsess about it to a degree that can damage your overall well-being. Steven Bratman, MD, a California doctor, coined the term in 1996.

Does Tricare cover residential treatment center?

TRICARE covers Psychiatric Residential Treatment Centers. These centers help you with psychiatric conditions that require a 24-hour protected and highly structured therapeutic environment. You may receive approval for residential treatment if you: Are under 21 years old.

What are the symptoms of Bigorexia?

Spotting the signs of bigorexia

  • Overexerting themselves at the gym.
  • Working out compulsively.
  • Use of steroids.
  • Excessively looking at their body in the mirror.
  • Abuse of supplements and constantly drinking protein shakes.
  • Irritability and angry outbursts.
  • Depression and mania.
  • Panicking if a gym session is missed.

Can eating too healthy be bad for you?

When it comes to healthy eating, the answer might be yes. We all know that a healthy diet is important for preventing diseases and helps us have enough energy every day, but for individuals suffering from a condition known as orthorexia, healthy eating can become unhealthy.

Does TRICARE cover treatment for depression?

TRICARE mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) services are available for you and your family during times of stress, depression, grief, anxiety, mental health crisis, or misuse or abuse of alcohol or drugs.

Is bigorexia a mental disorder?

Bigorexia is primarily a psychological condition, though it can appear in physical ways. Someone with bigorexia might experience some of the following symptoms: obsession with appearance, sometimes called mirror checking. a fixation on your diet and dietary supplements.

Is the Timberline Knolls residential treatment center safe?

“At Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center, our top priority remains the safety and health of our patients, our staff, and the community we serve. During this uncertain time, our center continues to provide clinically superior behavioral health treatment, and our s…”

Who are the women at Timberline Knolls for?

Timberline Knolls provides individualized care for adult women and adolescent girls who have been struggling with eating disorders, substance use disorders, and mental health concerns. Each woman or girl who receives care with us completes a thorough assessment to identify her unique strengths, needs, and goals.

How to determine insurance coverage for Timberline Knolls?

The best way to determine insurance coverage for your care at Timberline Knolls is to contact us. A member of our team will be happy to work directly with your insurance company to ensure that you have access to all benefits within your plan. What distinguishes Timberline Knolls from other women-only rehabs or residential treatment centers?

When to use sparkles and bubbles at Timberline Knolls?

Sparkles was used if you were being too loud and you needed to be quieter and bubbles was used to communicate that you immediately needed to change the subject because somebody was being triggered. Why was that not told to me at the welcome center before I came to that facility so I would have that knowledge?