What happens at the end of Cruel Intentions 2?

In the end, Sebastian stays with Danielle; professes his love for her, only to discover she does not reciprocate. Danielle gave Sebastian a journal to write down everything. In the last scene, Cherie is seen riding her bike, which is run over by Sebastian’s car. He offers to give her a ride, having sex with her.

What happened at the end of the movie Cruel Intentions?

A parting gift. Like much of the movie, Cruel Intentions’ ending is also a head-scratcher. By the final scene, Sebastian has died from being run over by a car while saving Annette, who was accidentally pushed into traffic by Ronald during a streetside confrontation conveniently coordinated by Kathryn.

Where is Annette going at end of Cruel Intentions?

Kathryn’s spotless reputation is destroyed, and people finally see her for the troubled, callous mastermind that she is. In the final shot, Annette drives away in Sebastian’s Jaguar, putting his sunglasses on, with his journal by her side and fond memories of being with Sebastian playing through her head.

Is Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions 2?

Cruel Intentions is an American drama pilot that was in production for NBC in 2016. It acted as a sequel to the 1999 film of same name, with Sarah Michelle Gellar reprising her role of Kathryn Merteuil.

What happens in Cruel Intentions?

Kathryn and Sebastian, two wealthy, manipulative teenage step-siblings from Manhattan’s upper-crust, conspire in Cruel Intentions, a wickedly entertaining tale of seduction and betrayal. The stakes are high when the duo agrees upon a deliciously diabolical wager of sexual conquest without consequences.

What did Sebastian’s Journal say in Cruel Intentions?

After trying unsuccessfully to talk to Annette, he sends her his journal, in which he has detailed all his previous “conquests” but written his true feelings for Annette, hoping she will learn the truth for herself and forgive him.

How old are they supposed to be in Cruel Intentions?

Up in their Upper East Side ivory tower, Sebastian and Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar) are merely high school seniors. That makes them 17 years old. Not only was Ryan Phillippe 25 years old when he shot the film (Sarah Michelle Gellar was 22), but Selma Blair (naive freshman Cecile) was 27 at the time.

Where is the house from Cruel Intentions?

The grand ‘Valmont’ mansion, though, really is New York. It’s the Fletcher-Sinclair Mansion, now housing the Ukrainian Cultural Center, 2 East 79th Street at Fifth Avenue. The interior of Annette’s home is the JW Marriott Essex House New York, 160 Central Park South, which you might have seen in It’s Complicated.

Who does Sebastian end up with in Cruel Intentions?

Sebastian begins to truly fall in love with Annette, who returns his feelings but is still hesitant. Sebastian calls her a hypocrite because although she claims to be waiting for her one true love, she resists him when he chooses to love her back. Annette finally relents.

Is Cruel Intentions 3 a prequel?

Cruel Intentions
Cruel Intentions 3/Prequels

What is the cemetery in Cruel Intentions?

Calvary Cemetery (Queens)

Who are the actors in Cruel Intentions 2?

Cruel Intentions 2. Cruel Intentions 2 (also known as Cruel Intentions 2: Manchester Prep or simply as Manchester Prep) is the 2001 American comedy-drama film. It was written and directed by Roger Kumble and starring Robin Dunne, Sarah Thompson, Keri Lynn Pratt and Amy Adams. It is a prequel to Cruel Intentions (1999)…

When did the movie Cruel Intentions come out?

It is a prequel to Cruel Intentions (1999) and was released direct-to-video on March 13, 2001. Both films are based on Les Liaisons dangereuses by Choderlos de Laclos.

Who is Sebastian Valmont in Cruel Intentions 2?

Troublemaker student Sebastian Valmont ( Robin Dunne) is transferring to Manchester Prep following his father’s new marriage to a wealthy divorcee.

What happens at the school assembly in Cruel Intentions?

Luckily, Sebastian swapped his permanent record for an excelling one before it was sent to the headmaster’s office, and he can now start with a clean slate. At the school assembly, Kathryn delivers a speech to her classmates.