What is a 425 defense?

The 4-2-5 Defense features four defensive linemen, two inside linebackers, and five defensive backs ( 2 CBs, 1 FS, and 2 OLB/S hybrids which we call Dogs). The strength of this defense is that it includes five defensive backs.

Who started the 4-2-5 defense?

Back in the late 1990s, a young defensive coordinator named Gary Patterson decided to adjust to offenses with a 4-2-5 base defense, using a fifth defensive back and only two linebackers.

How do you defend an empty set?

An Empty formation stresses the defense in many ways by placing three WRs to one side and aligning two the other direction. This 3×2 set “zeros” the box, meaning it forces the defense to cover down to every wide WR.

Why is it called dime defense?

In American football, the dime defense is a defensive alignment that uses six defensive backs. This sixth defensive back is called a “dimeback” (D). The defense gets its name because a dime, worth ten cents, is the next step up in United States coin currency from a nickel, which is worth 5 cents.

What is a cover 7 defense?

Cover 7 allows defenses to have tight coverage on intermediate and vertical routes by bracketing slot receivers and squeezing the “lanes” in the coverage. Man-Match Quarters give the defense the leverage and coverage options to defend offenses.

How do you beat a 3/4 defense?

When facing a 3-4 front (three down linemen and four linebackers), the offense’s best strategy is to run weak side, or away from the tight end (which is always the strong side of any offensive formation). One possible running play is called the weak-side lead.

Do you need a 4-2-5 defense Playbook?

There’s a few critical elements your 4-2-5 Defense playbook must have if you’re going to compete for championships. Many coaches tend to have way too much in the playbook. To avoid that, we’ll just stick to those critical pages that any team following Coach Simple principles needs to have.

Who is the free safety in a 4-2-5 defense?

Defensive coaches for the 4-2-5 will usually play a free safety role, who will act as a rover at the back of the pitch to help pick off the extra wide receivers in open space. In tighter defensive formations, you might choose to pick a more physical ‘strong safety’ to help tight ends protect the scrimmage center.

What makes the 425 football system so effective?

The 425 has built in flexibility that allows us to line up and compete every week regardless of the offensive scheme we are facing. If we see a 2 back team we are an 8 man front. If we see a spread team we can adjust to 2×2, 3×1, and empty formations with no personnel changes.

Where does the number of defensive backs go in a 4-2-5 defense?

The number of defensive backs is usually not mentioned, though if it is, (such as in the “4-2-5”), the number typically appears after the number of linebackers, thus the formula would go (# of linemen)- (# of linebackers)- (# of defensive backs [if stated]) in these situations. This naming rule does