What is a drill down capability?

Drill down is an analytics capability that allows users to instantly shift from an overview of data to a more detailed and granular view within the same dataset they are analyzing by clicking on a metric in a dashboard or report.

Why is drill down important?

Drill-Down plays a vital role in breaking down data and providing a comprehendible data for easy understanding. It lets you look at the multidimensional data by browsing through one level of data to another. With Drill-Down, a user can get a specific representation of data and its granular level with just a few clicks.

What is drill down and drill up?

You can drill down and drill up to explore different aspects of your business and move between levels of information. For example, you can examine revenue for an entire product line and then drill down to see revenue for each individual product in the line.

How do you drill down?

Add drill up/drill down using an existing hierarchy

  1. Create a visualization using an existing hierarchy.
  2. Convert the table to a matrix or chart.
  3. To enable drill-down, collapse the matrix.
  4. Double click a top-level hierarchy field.
  5. Drill down further by clicking one of the fields.
  6. Drill up by clicking the up arrow.

What is drill down capability group of answer choices?

What is drill-down capability? Finds the inputs necessary to achieve a goal, such as a desired level of output. Enables users to get details, and details of details, of information. The ability to look at information from different perspectives.

What is difference between drill down and drill through report?

Drill Down is the way to have summary values view and if we would like to see the detail , we can expand that part to see the details. You can use + and – signs to change to summarize view or detail view of a report. Drill through Report: Let’s think about a real time scenario, Where we have Region Sale Summary report.

What is drill across?

Drill-Across Drilling-across is the process by which you can drill from one application to another from your data visualizations. From the visualization below, a user can automatically drill across into a CRM system using the correct customer number.

What is a drill down menu?

Drill down menus offer a multi-level tree structure for the user to select the metadata value from. When a user makes a selection at the first level, a second level of choices will appear that are related to the choice at the first level and so on up to eight levels deep.

What is a drill down question?

Drill Down questions allow users to select an answer by narrowing down their choice from a general category to a specific category. For example, you could first have users select which state they live in, and then select a city within that state.

What is drill through in OLAP?

What is a Drill Through? A Drill Through capability allows users to view relational transactions that make up a multidimensional point in an OLAP Cube. The Drill-Through therefore brings to light data in the Cube constituted from the Data Source, which often is withing an RDBMS.

What is drill down?

Drill down is a user interface that provides information or functionality in a hierarchy of views. It’s a fundamental technique for providing access to a large number of commands or navigating a complex information structure.

What is a drill down report?

A drill down report is a report which allows users to navigate to a different layer of data granularity by navigating and clicking a specific data element on a web page or in an application. Drill down allows users to explore multidimensional data by navigating from one level down to a more detailed level.

What is drill down display?

Drill Down. Drill down display will make the sections show up on its own page. This option breaks up large forms into smaller pieces and makes it easier to navigate on the device. It can also help reduce the memory usage of the device. It adds some navigational hierarchy so that the app does not have to load all of the fields inline.

What is data drill down?

(February 2008) Data drilling (also drilldown) refers to any of various operations and transformations on tabular, relational, and multidimensional data. The term has widespread use in various contexts, but is primarily associated with specialized software designed specifically for data analysis.