What is af in poker HUD?

AF stands for aggression factor and it is a mathematical expression of how aggressive or passive you are postflop (flop, turn and river).

What is a good raise frequency in poker?

WWSF refers to how often your opponent has won the pot after seeing the flop. A decent WWSF frequency is anywhere between 45% and 53%, with a good average being around 48%.

What is a good Vpip and PFR?

Solid regulars generally have a VPIP/PFR between 19/17 and 25/23. As you move up in stakes, the rake (the amount taken from each pot by the poker room) decreases as a percentage of the pot and players are able to use wider ranges. Winning regulars often have statistics closer to 28/20 or 27/19 at the higher stakes.

What is a good Wwsf?

It is generally considered that WWSF should be around 50%. Depending on play style many players have a WWSF a few percent high or lower than this. However, if WWSF is significantly different from 50% over a decent sample size of hands it usually indicates that the player in question has issues with their game (leaks).

What does PFR in poker mean?

PFR stands for “preflop raiser”. It is a sign of how many hands a player raises on the first betting round (preflop in Hold’em). August 15 2020.

What percentage of hands should I play in poker?

Unless you have a very good reason to do so, as a beginner poker player you should stick to playing only the top 10 to 15 hands, period. The more you play, and the better you become at the game, the more hands you can add to your playlist. Until then, keep it simple, and always head to the flop with the best of it.

Is using a poker HUD cheating?

Using a HUD is not cheating because a HUD takes information only from hands that you have played. A HUD analyzes this information in a way that could be done manually, though it would take a huge investment in time. While using a HUD is not cheating, it does provide a strong advantage against those who do not have one.

What is a good Wwsf percentage?

What is W WSF?

word type: acronym. An acronym meaning “Won When Saw Flop” that is commonly used in online poker tracking reports to determine how often a player wins a hand when they see a flop.

What is a good AF factor in poker?

People often ask me what is a good AF (Aggression Factor) in poker. And this is very important to know because AF is one of the most reliable HUD stats available for determining player type.

What does HUD stand for in online poker?

HUD or “Heads Up Display” is one of the most popular tools that many online poker players use to understand their opponents. It’s a program that players use to collect data from their opponents.

What does agg mean on a poker HUD?

In order to see a nuanced picture, you need different indicator – and which one you’ll use depends on your poker HUD program of choice. Aggression percentage /Agg Pct/ is used in Holdem Manager and represents the frequency a player takes an aggressive action on a given street.

What’s the percentage of aggression on a poker HUD?

So if I bet the flop but check the turn and river I would have 33% Agg Pct because I made 1 out of 3 aggressive actions.