What is Alation tool?

The Alation platform combines machine learning and crowdsourcing to automate and accelerate data stewardship, data classification, business glossary, and data quality documentation.

Is Alation a good company?

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – April 22, 2019 – Alation, Inc., the data catalog company, has been recognized as a winner of the 2019 Bay Area Best Places To Work, an awards program presented by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

What is Alation data Catalog?

A data catalog is a repository of metadata on information sources from across the enterprise, including data sets, business intelligence reports, visualizations, and conversations. Early on, data catalogs were primarily used to help analysts more quickly find and understand data.

Who are Alation competitors?

Competitors and Alternatives to Alation Data Catalog

  • Microsoft Azure Data Catalog.
  • Collibra Platform.
  • Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog.
  • Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management.
  • SAP PowerDesigner.
  • ALEX.
  • erwin Data Intelligence.
  • Dataedo.

Is Alation a SaaS?

New architecture for the data culture era While Alation has no cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering right now, this architectural change would certainly enable it to do so more easily in the future.

Is Alation a software?

Alation is a venture-backed, B2B enterprise software company based in Silicon Valley. Its solutions are focused on data governance, analytics, and data management.

What Alation means?

the state of having wings
biology. : the state of having wings.

What is Collibra data governance?

Collibra Software is an enterprise-oriented data governance platform for data management and stewardship. It empowers businesses to find meaning in their data and improve business decisions. With one shared platform, business users and IT can collaborate to form a data-driven culture using the Collibra product suite.

Is Alation a database?

Alation is an enterprise data catalog and data governance tool that is a one-place platform to find, understand, trust, and collaborate on data. It is an AI-driven platform for data search & discovery, data governance, data stewardship, analytics, and digital transformation.

Who owns Collibra?

Felix Van de Maele
Collibra, the leader in enterprise data governance and catalog software, today announced that its CEO and co-founder Felix Van de Maele was named the 2019 EY Technology Entrepreneur Of The Year® in New York.

What is Collibra catalog?

Collibra Catalog: Collibra Catalog helps the business data analyst to discover, describe, assemble, and govern data sets to improve trust in analytics based on those data sets. Business intelligence analysts are freed from wasteful data wrangling so they can devote more of their time to solving real business problems.

Does Alation have an API?

Description. This API allows users to upload the details of an API Resource that are then displayed in Alation Catalog.

What can you do with the Alation software?

Alation is a one-stop solution for various project management and metadata management solution for the business. It can be used for documenting all the historical and on-going projects for better understanding of the progress and onboarding a fresher.

What do you need to know about Alation Data Catalog?

Alation data catalog is an exhaustive solution for metadata storage and data querying. It inherently provides access to business glossary and platform to document project progress and its findings. The catalog stores data in the taxonomy format which makes easier for the … It’s been a pleasant experience working with Alation.

Which is the most useful feature of Alation?

Alation is a very useful tool for database management and metadata repository creation. It offers flexible user experience to explore, innovate and learn from the comprehensive metadata assets. Users can also query any dataset directly on the platform in a very efficient and quick