What is an on-page connector?

On-page Connector. Connects two or more parts of a flowchart, which are on the same page. Off-page Connector. Connects two parts of a flowchart which are spread over different pages.

What is the difference between on-page and off-page connector?

The on-page connector uses letters inside the circle to indicate where the adjoining connector is located. A “1” connects to a “1”, a “2” to a “2”, etc. The off-page connectors use the page number where the next part or the previous part of the flowchart is located.

How do you use off-page connectors?

To use off-page connectors to connect line segments in two drawings

  1. Right-click the off-page connector.
  2. In the Create Connection dialog box, click the drawing that contains the line you want to continue on or from.
  3. Click the row that contains the off-page connector to which you want to connect.

What is a connector in a flowchart?

Connector (Inspection) Flowchart: In flowcharts, this symbol is typically small and is used as a Connector to show a jump from one point in the process flow to another. Connectors are usually labeled with capital letters (A, B, AA) to show matching jump points.

What shape represents a decision in a flowchart?

Decision. A diamond represents a decision or branching point. Lines coming out from the diamond indicates different possible situations, leading to different sub-processes.

What is on page and off page Optimisation?

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What is Decision flowchart?

A decision box is a diamond-shaped box in a flowchart containing a decision to be made. In the image below, the “Does the computer turn on?” and “Are there any error messages?” objects are examples. Each box has either Yes, No, or both near them to indicate the direction the user should follow on the flowchart.

What are the two types of connectors in a flowchart?

Also, “Connector” means two things in Excel – a line that stays connected to a shape and also as the term used to describe symbols that show a jump from one part of the flowchart to another. These two symbols are called On-Page Connectors and Off-Page Connectors, labeled “A” and “1”, respectively, in Picture 1 below.

What are the connector lines used for?

Connectors are lines that link different flowchart shapes (or any shapes you place within your Microsoft Office documents). They are different from conventional lines because connectors, as the name implies, stay connected to the shapes they are linked to.

What is the difference between flow lines and connector?

Flow line connectors vs. That is to differentiate between an arrow that “connects” to a shape and a standard line or arrow that does not. A flow line “connector” will attach to a shape. When the shape is moved, the connector will stay attached to the shape whereas a standard line or arrow will not.

How is a connector represented?

Information connectors are represented by a dashed wire.