What is club level at Safeco Field?

Diamond Club – The Diamond Club seats at Safeco Field are made up of the four odd-numbered sections between the player dugouts. These are often regarded as the best All-Star Club – One of the best ways to impress guests at Safeco Field is to treat them to an outing in the All-Star Club down the right-field line.

What is Mariners Allstar club?

Offering some of the best views of the field, the All-Star Club showcases the T-Mobile Park sign and the Space Needle. With a built-in bar and retractable windows, and closely located to the First Base Terrace Club, it is often used for food and beverage functions.

How wide are the seats at T-Mobile Park?

T-Mobile Park

Capacity Baseball: 47,929 Football: 30,144
Record attendance WrestleMania XIX 54,097
Field size Left Field – 331 ft (101 m) Left-Center – 378 ft (115 m) Center Field – 401 ft (122 m) Right-Center – 381 ft (116 m) Right Field – 326 ft (99 m) Backstop – 69 ft (21 m)

Where are the bleachers at T-Mobile Park?

Bleachers. The T-Mobile Park bleachers are located in sections 180-195 in left and center field. The main video board is directly above center field seating so you will want to avoid those if you want a direct l…

What are the best seats in T-Mobile Park Seattle?

The best seats for a Seattle Mariners game at T-Mobile Park are located in the Diamond Club, or Field Box VIP seats. If those tickets are bit out of your price range, the upper level tickets in the infield, sections 320-340, are a great value.

What is the Mariners field called?

T-Mobile Park
Seattle Mariners/Arenas/Stadiums

How much does it cost to rent the T-Mobile Arena?

It has a seating capacity of 17,500 for hockey, 18,800 for basketball, and over 20,000 for boxing, UFC and MMA matches, and concerts….

Low Range Location High Range
$5,000 Luxury SuitesSecond Level, East and West sides of the arena $15,000
$20,000 Grand SuitesAbove the mid-level $75,000

What time is Mariners batting practice?

BATTING PRACTICE TIMES (MOST GAMES) The Mariners hit 2 hours and 35 minutes before game time for one hour. Visitors hit 1 hour and 35 minutes before game time for 45 minutes. Batting practice is typically not held on Sundays or day games. All batting practice times are subject to change without prior notice.

What time does Mariners stadium open?

The hangout spot that the Mariners call “The ‘Pen,” which is accessed via the center field gate, opens 2½ hours before each game, although admission is supposed to be limited to 1,000 people there. All other gates allow fans to enter Safeco Field two hours prior to game time.

What seats are covered at T-Mobile Park?

As a general rule, the seats in the shade at T-Mobile Park are located:

  • Behind home plate and on the 3rd base side of the ballpark.
  • Farther back in one of those sections or in a row that’s under cover.
  • In the top of the 300-level under the roof.

What do Reds Diamond seats include?

The most expensive seats are those located behind home plate, known as the Diamonds Seats (sections 1-5). These seats include food and drink with wait service, as well as access to the exclusive Mercedes-Benz Diamond Club.

Where are the terrace seats at Safeco Field?

Seatholders will also find some of the best food at Safeco Field on the exclusive Terrace Club Level. Edgar’s Cantina near section 212, the pasta bistro near section 216 and the seafood bar on the first base patio are among the most popular food destinations that only club ticketholders are able to enjoy.

Where are the terrace seats at T Mobile Park?

Mariners Terrace Club Seats at T-Mobile Park Terrace Club Features & Amenities Terrace club seats are located on either side of the field on the second level of T-Mobile Park. Their position above the 100 level gives fans in these seats a good elevated view of the field without being too far away.

Where to watch the Seattle Mariners from the terrace?

Watch the game in comfort and style on the exclusive 200 Level of the ballpark and enjoy a relaxing and casual ballpark experience. View the game from your seats or step inside the ROOT SPORTS Terrace Club Lounge complete with plasma TVs, a full bar and specialty concession stands.

Where to eat at the Terrace Club in Seattle?

Italian Bistro (Section 216): Head over to the popular bistro for made to order pastas, an assortment of salads and beer and wine. The Terrace Club Patio near the Third Base Terrace Club is an ideal venue for ticket holders and group reservations.