What is dual thrust prop?

Dual Thrust propellers feature a large diameter and blade surface area, a low pitch and rake angle, and a patented oversized center tube which re-directs the exhaust away from the blades when in reverse. This helps the prop bite clean water, resulting in awesome thrust and control regardless of direction.

How do I know what pitch prop I need?

A lower pitched propeller will create more power due to more engine RPMs, but the boat will move slower. A higher pitched prop allows the boat to move faster by travelling a farther distance with each rotation. When choosing a propeller, choose a pitch that will keep the engine RPM in its recommended operating range.

What is a Yamaha K series prop?

Yamaha K Series stainless steel propellers are intended for use on 4.25″ gearcases and are designed for select mid-range Yamaha outboards. …

Will a Honda prop fit a Yamaha?

As long as it clears, then you’re good to go. As for using a Honda prop on your Yamaha, if the splines matches and the prop fits snug with no slop, then using spacers to tighten on the prop shaft is again, good. As mentioned WOT is the determining factor as to what pitch is needed.

What’s the advantage of a dual prop?

A dual-prop boat allows you to avoid the issue of the unwanted sideways movement called prop walk. Two propellers rotating in opposite directions — the normal rotation for dual-prop boats — cancel out the forces that pull your boat’s stern away from a straight line.

What is the benefit of a dual prop?

Enhanced Boat Control When maneuvering at low speeds, dual props improve thrust and handling in reverse because the boat is never backing or steering away from the bite of the prop blades. This can make it easier to control the boat around the dock.

How much thrust does a Yamaha high thrust motor have?

In fact, when paired with our Dual Thrust ™ propellers, (optional on T60/T50 and standard on our T25 and T9.9) Yamaha High Thrusts produce up to 60 percent more forward thrust and up to 70 percent more thrust in reverse.

Where to buy a propeller for a Yamaha outboard motor?

Find Yamaha Propellers that fit your 6-350 HP Yamaha Outboard Motor from Michigan Wheel, Mercury Marine, Powertech Propellers, SOLAS and Quicksilver in just a few clicks, SALE Pricing, Same Day Shipping available. We are Trained Propeller Technicians offering free “expert advice” · Boat Propeller Sales and Repair, 40 Years’ Experience.

What kind of shift dampener does a Yamaha propeller use?

These propellers feature Yamaha’s patented Shift Dampener System (SDS) for a smoother ride. If you are considering replacing or upgrading your Yamaha propeller, we hope this information helps. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the Yamaha Propeller Selector is a valuable tool that is extremely helpful.

What kind of propeller does a Yamaha F350 use?

Designed for the V8 F350 four-stroke outboard, these propellers provide plenty of power-to-plane, acceleration, and top-end. The updated hub system accommodates older Yamaha F350s.