What is replacing the Cisco SX80?

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What is Cisco Telepresence SX80?

The SX80 acts as the audio and video engine to incorporate high-definition video collaboration applications into large meeting rooms, boardrooms and purpose-built or vertical application rooms. The SX80 delivers up to a 1080p60 end-to-end high definition video.

How does Cisco SpeakerTrack work?

SpeakerTrack 60 employs a unique dual-camera approach. With one camera, it quickly locates the active speaker and presents a close-up of that speaker. At the same time, the other camera readies to seek and display the next active speaker.

How do I reset my Cisco c40 codec?

The process to factory reset via the serial com port:

  1. Connect a serial cable to the system at 38400, 8, N, 1.
  2. Reboot the system.
  3. Log in with the user “factoryreset”.
  4. Do a reboot: “XCommand boot”
  5. The system is now factory reset.

Is SX80 end of life?

Cisco announces the end-of-sale and end-of-life dates for the Cisco SX80. The last day to order the affected product(s) is October 29, 2019. Table 1 describes the end-of-life milestones, definitions, and dates for the affected product(s).

What does a Cisco codec do?

The SX80 codec offers the flexibility to video enable any meeting space. Cisco offers the SX80 codec as a single unit or in integrator packages. A single unit is delivered with power cable and basic mounting parts. The codec supports up to seven cameras provided that you add a video switcher.

What is a VTC codec?

Video teleconferencing (VTC) is a simultaneous audio and video data stream that brings people at different sites together visually and audibly. Codecs can be either hardware- or software-based, and will typically include the implementation of well-defined audio and video coding standards, such as G. 711 and H.

What is Cisco SpeakerTrack?

The Cisco TelePresence ® SpeakerTrack 60 Camera (SpeakerTrack 60) is an unparalleled dual-camera system that lets participants in a video meeting see the active speaker on the other end of a conference – in full view. So meetings can progress fluidly, and speaker expressions and reactions are captured in real time.

What is speaker tracking?

Speaker tracking aims at localizing the moving speakers in a scene by analysing the data sequences captured by sensors or arrays of sensors. In addition, audio data may be corrupted by background noise and room reverberations.

What is a codec used for?

A codec, whether hardware or emulated in software, converts analog audio signals into digital signals for transmission or encodes them for storage in a digital format. Later, the decoder side of a codec can be used to decompress and convert the digital data into an analog signal.

Is Cisco spark the same as Webex?

Cisco on Wednesday announced the convergence of its Cisco Spark and Webex platforms into a new ecosystem of services. The result is a new Webex meetings application and a Webex-enabled Spark application — now called Webex Teams.

What kind of video conferencing does Cisco sx80 offer?

This powerful codec delivers the ultimate in video collaboration. The SX80 codec is available in three integrator packages. You can choose from three cameras, including the unique SpeakerTrack 60 dual camera active-speaker tracking system. This set delivers high-definition video quality and multiparty conferencing.

When does Cisco TelePresence sx80 end of sale?

Cisco TelePresence SX80 Codec Series Cisco TelePresence SX Series End-of-Sale Date 29-OCT-2019 Details End-of-Support Date 31-OCT-2024 Details Product ID View All PIDs

Can a Cisco sx80 be registered on the premises?

The SX80 can register on the premises or to Cisco Webex in the cloud. 1 The SX80 Codec also supports several sophisticated camera features to enable intelligent viewing capabilities within a video conference:

How to connect precision 1080 4xs to sx80 codec?

In order to connect a Precision 1080 4XS to the Sx80 codec, three cables are required: 1 HDMI to HDMI, a standard Visca cable, and a 4xs2 split cable. Connect the video cables to the camera inputs (HDMI 1 and 2) of the codec.