What is Space frame chassis?

A Space frame chassis was chosen over a monocoque in spite of being heavy, as its manufacturing is cost-effective, requires simple tools and damages to the chassis can be easily rectified. The chassis design started with fixing of suspension mounting coordinates and engine hard points.

What is the difference between chassis and frame?

A chassis is the skeletal framework of a vehicle on which most of the mechanical parts like tires, axle assemblies, steering, brakes, and the engine are fastened. A vehicle frame, on the other hand, is the main structure of the chassis. All the other components, including the chassis, are fastened to the frame.

What is the purpose of chassis frame?

Chassis frame is the basic frame work of the automobile. It supports all the parts of the automobile attached to it.It is made of drop forged steel. All the parts related to automobiles are attached to it only.

What are the different types of chassis frames?

There are three types of frames:

  • Conventional Frame.
  • Semi-Integral Frame.
  • Integral or unit frame.

Is a unibody stronger than a frame?

Unibody vehicles have the advantage of being lighter than their body-on-frame counterparts. Their lower center of gravity and more rigid frame also make them much less prone to vehicle rollover. Unibody designs also score higher on crash safety test ratings.

Is a chassis frame?

Chassis is the main support structure of the vehicle which is also known as ‘Frame’. It bears all the stresses on the vehicle in both static and dynamic conditions. In a vehicle, it is analogous to the skeleton in living organisms.

What is chassis and body?

CHASSIS FRAME AND BODY A vehicle with out body is called Chassis. The components of the vehicle like Power plant, Transmission System, Axles, Wheels and Tyres, Suspension, Controlling Systems like Braking, Steering etc., and also electrical system parts are mounted on the Chassis frame.

Is a main part of the chassis?

Every major part of a vehicle is collectively called chassis. It includes wheels, brakes, suspension systems, axles, engine, etc.

What is a chassis system?

The term “chassis” is used to designate the complete car minus the body. The chassis therefore consists of the engine, power-transmission system, and suspension system all suitably attached to, or suspended from, a structurally independent frame.

What is the only disadvantage of using an integral chassis frame?

Disadvantage: • Weight of the vehicle shift to the rear wheels which is not desirable for better adhesion/attachment.

Where does a space frame chassis come from?

A space-frame chassis lies somewhere between the ladder chassis and the monocoque, it is constructed from an arrangement of small, simple members which make up a larger frame.

Can a sports car use a space frame?

If you buy a low volume specialised sports car like an Ariel or IFR, you will be using a space frame to help keep you on the road. It is a very efficient design and I’m sure as cars need to get lighter, more manufacturers will return to using this type of chassis.

How is a spaceframe similar to a monocoque chassis?

The spaceframe chassis is similar to a unibody or monocoque chassis in that it functions as the body and the frame simultaneously. The engine, drivetrain, suspension, fuel tank and body panels are attached to the spaceframe.

Who was the inventor of the space frame?

The space frame removed much of the ability of the chassis to flex when subjected to different forces. The original concept was defined by Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, around 1900, when he was researching new forms of aircraft – he was actually one of the pioneers of powered flight!