What is the banned episode of Sesame Street?

The Wicked Witch of the West
Hamilton on set with Caroll Spinney. In this episode of Sesame Street, The Wicked Witch of the West (Margaret Hamilton, reprising her role from The Wizard of Oz) wreaks havoc on the street when she loses her flying broomstick.

What was the scariest Sesame Street episode?

You might think it was copyright that kept the episode out of reruns, but the truth is much more delightful: the Wicked Witch was simply too scary for the kids watching the show! The concept of the episode is that the WIcked Witch of the West is flying over Sesame Street when she drops her broom.

What episode of Sesame Street scared children in 1976?

HEY, kids, ready to be scared? Sesame Street thought so. On February 10, 1976 , the Children’s Television Workshop aired episode #847. The special guest star was Margaret Hamilton, who reprised her role as The Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West.

Who wears the Big Bird costume?

Caroll Spinney
Caroll Spinney, the big-hearted Muppeteer who climbed inside a claustrophobic feathered costume to play the beloved Sesame Street character Big Bird for almost a half-century, died Sunday, Sesame Workshop announced. He was 85.

How long has Gina been on Sesame Street?

Bartlett at the 2019 Annual Sesame Workshop Benefit Gala. Alison Bartlett (b. July 14, 1971) is a New York-based actress who portrayed Gina Jefferson on Sesame Street from 1986 to 2015, and has reprised the role in various related specials, direct-to-video productions, and The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.

What was the reaction to the Muppet episode 0847?

The episode prompted an unusually large amount of mail responses from parents, almost entirely negative, within a short time frame.

Where can I find episodes of Sesame Street?

Many years later in November 2019, clips from the episode were screened at the Museum of the Moving Image as a part of the Jim Henson Legacy ‘s ” Sesame Street ‘Lost and Found'” event, where former head writer Norman Stiles and current Vice President of Education and Research Rosemarie Truglio discussed its educational and entertainment merits.

Where does the Witch come from in Sesame Street?

In disguise, the Witch approaches Hooper’s Store where Big Bird is standing guard with a baseball bat and a hockey stick. He lets the eldery woman by and she takes a seat at the counter next to Maria. David tells the newcomer about the Witch terrorizing Sesame Street.

What happens at the end of Sesame Street?

David walks out of Hooper’s Store and observes how spooky it is that the windy weather rolled into Sesame Street the way it did. He notices an object falling from the sky, braces for its impact, and catches a broom which immediately ceases the wind.