What is the best class in awakening?

The best class is Assassin with myrmidon and sword master abilities. The lord classes have typically been significantly stronger, but Awakening seems to have ditched their boost since a lot of the gameplay is built around switching classes. That said, Chrom and Lucina are still both great stat-wise.

What class should Cordelia be?

Cordelia Stat Growth Information At A Glance

Class HP Str
Bow Knight 100 65
Dark Mage 100 50
Sorcerer 95 45
Dark Knight 100 60

How do you get grandmaster in fates?

In Fates, the Grandmaster class is DLC-exclusive and is the base class of the Amiibo version of Robin. The Fell Brand is required for any ordinary male unit to class change into this class, and which can be obtained through every completion of the Hidden Truths 1 DLC episode.

What is the best class for Lon Qu?

Though Lon’qu is best suited to be a Myrmidon-type unit, the skills offered in the Wyvern Rider line can aid him quite well. Griffon Rider gives him Lancebreaker, which can be quite useful by giving him an easier time as a Swordmaster or Assassin when facing Lance units.

Should Sully be a Paladin or great knight?

As compared to Stahl, Sully has greater Skill, Speed, Luck and resistance, but inferior HP, Strength and Defense. If you want to maximize the efficiency of her growths, she’ll make a great Paladin. However, if you want to compensate for her deficiencies, she’ll make a better Great Knight.

Is Donnel worth using?

In conclusion, Donnel is perhaps one of the best units in Fire Emblem: Awakening since his growths are extremely above average. He can pass on his excellent growths to his child, so there’s that extra bit of power as well. Just remember that Donnel, for all of his perks, is still only a single unit.

What level does Donnel change class?

Classes Donnel can reclass to using a SECOND SEAL after Level 30 Villager:

  • Bow Knight.
  • Warrior.
  • Hero.

Which is the best character in Fire Emblem Awakening?

The avatar character in Fire Emblem Awakening is by far the best unit available for use. Not only can it essentially become any class you want, it also has very good growths to accompany your choices.

Who are the parents in Fire Emblem Awakening?

These are the ‘parents’, with the second generation being the ‘children’. Each of these characters come with their own character traits and skills, some of which are much more useful than others. Fire Emblem Awakening doesn’t make all characters equal, much like other titles in the series.

Who are the MY units in Fire Emblem Awakening?

One of the possible male My Units in “Fire Emblem: Awakening.” One of the possible female My Units in “Fire Emblem: Awakening.” The second unit in my list is one of the two protagonists of Fire Emblem: Awakening and the player’s avatar for the story.

Who are the trainees in Fire Emblem Awakening?

Frederick is no different, and we often feel like we owe him a swansong of sorts after the amount of carrying he does in the early game. Trainee units have become a ‘thing’ in Fire Emblem games really, to the point where Three Houses is almost entirely comprised of them.