What is the best starter for Pokémon White 2?

The best choice when it comes to type alone is Oshawott. It’s strong against one gym and weak against one other. The other six Gyms are neutral. If you count the Bug type Gym as part Grass, seeing as how many of the Pokemon are half grass and half bug, Oshawott would be weak and Tepig would be strong.

Who is better Tepig or Oshawott?

So which is better Type wise? Defensively the Oshawott family is in the early stages of the game based on what Pokémon you’ll encounter. Tepig is probably the worst defensively just due to all its weaknesses and how common those Pokémon and type attacks are. However, don’t just a Pokémon just on its type.

Can you get other starters in White 2?

No you can’t get Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle in Black/White 2, but it is possible to get different starters in B/W 2 than just the B/W starters. However for Pikachu, you can get a Pichu in Black/White, which you can evolve into Pikachu and trade to B/W 2.

Which starter Pokémon is best in white?

Pokémon Black & White: Which Starter Is The Best?

  1. 1 Winner: Tepig.
  2. 2 Oshawott: Most Versatile.
  3. 3 Snivy: Best In Later Generations.
  4. 4 Tepig: Most Competitively Viable.
  5. 5 Oshawott: Least Weaknesses.
  6. 6 Snivy: The Fastest.
  7. 7 Tepig: Two STAB Moves.
  8. 8 Oshawott: Best Final Stat Spread.

What is the best Kalos starter?

Pokemon: Which X & Y Starter Is The Best?

  1. 1 Winner: Chespin.
  2. 2 Fennekin: Massive Special Attack.
  3. 3 Froakie: Powerful Hidden Ability.
  4. 4 Chespin: Unique Defensive Moves.
  5. 5 Fennekin: Evolves into Delphox.
  6. 6 Froakie: Evolves into Greninja.
  7. 7 Chespin: Evolves into Quilladin.
  8. 8 Fennekin: Great Against The First Gym.

Who is better mudkip Torchic or treecko?

Treecko has 40 more starting stat points for speed than Torchic and has double the starting speed of Mudkip. Treecko also gains the most from its Mega Evolution. When evolved to Mega Sceptile, the Pokémon becomes a dragon type which is arguably the strongest Pokémon type in the game.

Why is oshawott bad?

3 Worst: Oshawott (Gen V) Oshawott is such a bad starter Pokémon, it’s almost offensive. Fully evolved, Samurott has the worst stat spread of any of the Water Type starters. It’s genuinely embarrassing how pitiful Samurott is in comparison to quite literally everything else.

Can you get Charizard in Pokemon White 2?

Unfortunately to get Charizard in White 2 you will have to transfer from another game where you can get Charizard. Firered, Leafgreen, Heartgold, and Soulsilver are all games you can get Charizard. Another way to obtain a charizard is to level up a Charmander which you can obtain through GTS negotiations.

Who is the best Gen 4 starter?

4 Sinnoh: Chimchar Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig are among the best Starters of all time, and they all fare well in the Sinnoh League. Piplup’s evolutionary line is Super Effective against one Gym Leader and two Elite Four Members.

What are the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Black 2?

Choosing Snivy gives the player a Panpour, Tepig a Pansage, and Oshawott a Pansear. In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, Bianca takes three starter Pokémon to Aspertia City on Professor Juniper’s behalf and offers one of them to the player.

Are there any new Pokemon in black and white?

While Black & White didn’t introduce too many new Pokémon, it made up for it in other areas. It is also the first Pokémon game to get a direct sequel. Like with every new Pokémon game, Black & White gave us three new starters to choose from in Tepig, Snivy, and Oshawott.

How do you choose starter Pokemon in Bulbapedia?

Professor Sycamore will let the player choose one of these three Pokémon after meeting him in person and beating his team of Kanto starters in battle.

Where do you get the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Colosseum?

In Pokémon Colosseum, the middle stages of the Johto starters are caught as Shadow Pokémon from a Mystery Troop member. Only one is available for the player to obtain during the main game, while the other two are only available during the post-game.