What is the first section of Beowulf about?

Beowulf begins with the story of Hrothgar, who constructed the great hall, Heorot, for himself and his warriors. In it, he, his wife Wealhtheow, and his warriors spend their time singing and celebrating. Grendel, a troll-like monster said to be descended from the biblical Cain, is pained by the sounds of joy.

What is Beowulf’s rule?

Beowulf then hands over most of his treasure to Hygelac, who, in turn, rewards him. In time, Hygelac is killed in a war against the Shylfings, and, after Hygelac’s son dies, Beowulf ascends to the throne of the Geats. He rules wisely for fifty years, bringing prosperity to Geatland.

What is the first conflict in Beowulf?

Beowulf, the hero of the story, faces many conflicts throughout. His first is against the Grendel, a mysterious monster that is plaguing a neighboring nation. While this is not his problem, Beowulf seeks honor and glory, and so goes to kill the Grendel.

What is the purpose of Beowulf?

The primary purpose of Beowulf, as with all such epic poems, would have been to entertain. Yet there was also a didactic purpose involved, a desire to teach and to instruct.

What did Beowulf do when he found Grendel’s dead body?

The lair becomes brighter after Grendel’s mother dies, and Beowulf is able to inspect his surroundings. He finds Grendel’s body and, to take further revenge, he decapitates the corpse. Beowulf swims back to the surface of the lake, where his warriors are overjoyed to see him.

What are the major events in Beowulf?

The epic poem, Beowulf, is over 3000 lines long! The main events include the building of Heorot, Beowulf’s battle with the monster, Grendel, and his time as King of Geatland.

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What happens to Beowulf at the end of the book?

He rules wisely for fifty years, bringing prosperity to Geatland. When Beowulf is an old man, however, a thief disturbs a barrow, or mound, where a great dragon lies guarding a horde of treasure.

Who is the king of the Geats in Beowulf?

In time, Hygelac is killed in battle with the Shylfings, and the kingdom falls to Beowulf. For fifty years he rules the Geats, becoming a great and wise king. This transitional section returns Beowulf to his homeland and introduces us briefly to his king and queen, Hygelac and Hygd.

How can I test my knowledge of Beowulf?

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