What is the most popular religion in Cote d Ivoire?

Religion in Ivory Coast is diverse. Adherents of Christianity (mainly Catholic and Evangelical) represented 44% of the total population in 2020, while followers of Islam (mainly Sunni) represented 37.2% of the population.

What are the 4 most common religions in Canada?

Religion in Canada

  • Roman Catholic (38.7%)
  • Protestant (23.5%)
  • Anglican (5.0%)
  • No religious affiliation (23.9%)
  • Muslim (3.2%)
  • Hindu (1.5%)
  • Sikh (1.4%)
  • Buddhist (1.1%)

What is the religion percentage in Canada?

Our most recent survey in Canada, conducted in 2018, found that a slim majority of Canadian adults (55%) say they are Christian, including 29% who are Catholic and 18% who are Protestant. About three-in-ten Canadians say they are either atheist (8%), agnostic (5%) or “nothing in particular” (16%).

What is the percentage of Muslims in Ivory Coast?

Geodemographic data. Côte d’Ivoire is a multi-denominational country with 42.9% Muslims, 33.9% Christians —all churches combined—and a significant proportion of followers of traditional or ‘animistic’ religions (INS, 2014). Among non-nationals, who represent 24.2% of the resident population, 72% are Muslims.

What percentage of Canada is atheist?

A third of Canadians (32%) say they are atheist, agnostic or have no religion, compared to only 19% of Americans.

What percentage of Canadians are non religious?

The 2011 Canadian census reported that 23.9% of Canadians declare no religious affiliation. According to Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, among those estimated 4.9 million Canadians of no religion, an estimated 1.9 million would specify atheist, 1.8 million would specify agnostic, and 1.2 million humanist.

What is the percentage of Muslims in Togo?

Muslims in Togo represent over 30% of the national population. Islam came to Togo about the same time as it did much of West Africa. The vast majority of Muslims in Togo are Sunni of Maliki school of jurisprudence.

What kind of religion do they have in Cote d’Ivoire?

It has been estimated that 46.7% of the population practice Christianity. Of these, 19.4% are Catholic, 19.3% Evangelical, 2.5% Methodist, and other Christian denominations make up the remaining 4.5%. 40.2% of the country’s population is Muslim, and another 12.8% adhere to animism or have no religion.

What is the percentage of Christians in Africa?

Adherents of Christianity represent 33.9% of the population. 3.6% of the population follows traditional African religions and 19.10% have no religion. Christianity is practiced in a variety of forms throughout the country though mostly in the south, as different social and spiritual problems bring forth a variety of responses.

Where is the capital of Cote d’Ivoire?

Ivory Coast, officially the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, is a country in West Africa. Ivory Coast’s de jure capital is Yamoussoukro and the biggest city is the port city of Abidjan. Prior to its colonization by Europeans, Ivory Coast was home to several states, including Gyaaman, the Kong Empire, and Baoulé.

Which is the largest basilica in Cote d’Ivoire?

Cote d’Ivoire is home to the Yamoussoukro Basilica. This is a copy of the Saint Peter’s Basilica located in Rome. The Yamoussoukro Basilica in the largest worldwide, and was constructed by former President Felix Houphouet-Biogny.