What is the prettiest state park in Arkansas?

Top 10 State Parks to Visit in Arkansas

  • Pinnacle Mountain State Park.
  • Petit Jean State Park.
  • Devil’s Den State Park.
  • Mount Nebo State Park.
  • Village Creek State Park.
  • Pinnacle Mountain State Park.
  • Crater of Diamonds State Park.
  • Cane Creek State Park.

How many parks are in Arkansas?

52 state
There are 52 state parks across The Natural State, so you can find one near you wherever you are.

Where is Village Creek in Arkansas?

Village Creek State Park (Arkansas)

Village Creek State Park
Location of Village Creek State Park in Arkansas
Location Wynne, Cross County, St. Francis, Crowley’s Ridge, Arkansas, United States
Coordinates 35°9′48″N 90°43′7″WCoordinates: 35°9′48″N 90°43′7″W
Area 6,909 acres (27.96 km2)

Are Arkansas state parks open to out of state visitors?

Arkansas State Parks are Open for Business All Arkansas State Parks are open and remain available to visitors under Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

What is the largest state park in Arkansas?

Hobbs is Arkansas’s largest state park, spanning a 12,054-acre tract of Ozark landscape along the southern shore of Beaver Lake.

Are Arkansas state parks free?

There is no fee for entry to an Arkansas state park, although tour fees are charged for access to some facilities. A wide variety of activities can be enjoyed at no cost in the parks including hiking, mountain biking, picnicking, launching a boat, and participating in most of the interpretive programs.

What is the biggest park in Arkansas?

What are the eight national parks in Arkansas?

National Parks in Arkansas

  • National Memorial, Gillet AR.
  • National River, Harrison and St.
  • National Historic Site, Fort Smith, AR, OK.
  • National Park, Hot Springs, AR.
  • National Historic Site, Little Rock, AR.
  • National Military Park, Pea Ridge, AR.
  • National Historic Site, Hope, AR.

How big is Lake Charles in Arkansas?

Situated in The Ozarks along the Black River, the park features the 645-acre (261 ha) artificial Lake Charles….

Lake Charles State Park
Area 140 acres (57 ha)
Established May 28, 1967
Named for Charles C. Snapp
Governing body Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

Is alcohol allowed in Arkansas state parks?

Alcohol possession and use is permitted within the park in accordance with Arkansas state laws, including age restrictions and open container regulations. All glass containers are prohibited within 100 feet of any waterway in the park.

What is the oldest state park in Arkansas?

Petit Jean State Park
Petit Jean State Park in Morrilton was our first state park. The CCC began developing its facilities and roadworks in 1933. Today, Mather Lodge—the only Arkansas lodge built by the CCC—remains the centerpiece.

What can you do in Arkansas State Parks?

Yurt, Rent-A-Camp, or sleeping under the stars with your horses – we’ve got something for all levels of campers.

How big are the parks in Jonesboro AR?

Come to Jonesboro and enjoy our parks, trails, green spaces, and many opportunities for recreation. Our Parks and Recreation Department manages 20 parks that total just over 900 acres. With dozens of athletic fields, water features, community centers, recreation programs, and events, the Parks Department offers something for nearly everyone!

Are there any state parks in Tennessee for two days?

A quick getaway can be just what we need to get back into the rhythms of everyday life. To help you take that much-needed vacation, we’ve put together six ideas for two-day getaways at Tennessee State Parks across the state.

Which is the largest state park in Arkansas?

Lake Ouachita State Park. Arkansas’s largest lake, Lake Ouachita offers 40,000 acres of clear, clean water surrounded by the scenic Ouachita National Forest. Swimming, skiing, scuba diving, boating, kayaking, and fishing are enjoyed here. The park has 93 campsites,8 fully-equipped cabins, 4 camper cabins, all of which are perfect for families.