What is the purpose of infusion therapy?

Infusion therapy — also known as IV therapy — involves administering medications intravenously. This is done by injecting a needle directly into the patient’s arm. It allows for much more efficient treatment of chronic illnesses since it delivers medicine, antibiotics, and/or hydration directly into the bloodstream.

Are home infusions safe?

As compared to medical setting infusion patients, home infusion patients were no more likely to experience adverse drug events or side effects (all p>0.05). Conclusions: Home infusion care can provide safe, clinically effective care improve patients’ quality of life and reduce healthcare costs.

What is infusion therapy nursing?

Infusion nursing is a specialty is focused on the care of patients receiving intravenous (IV) therapy, or medications and fluids via injection.

Why is home infusion growing so rapidly?

With its clear benefits to all stakeholders, the market for home infusion is expanding, driven by an aging population and growing incidence of chronic conditions, complex new medications and increased access to care for previously uninsured patients via the ACA.

Is infusion therapy covered by insurance?

MOST INSURANCE PLANS COVER HOME INFUSION Most medical insurance covers home infusion in the same way that it covers doctor’s visits, hospitalizations, and in-clinic infusion therapy.

What does infusion mean medically?

Listen to pronunciation. (in-FYOO-zhun) A method of putting fluids, including drugs, into the bloodstream. Also called intravenous infusion.

Do infusions make you tired?

Like bone-tired exhaustion. Nurse Luna says it’s normal to feel almost flu-ish. “The medications are attacking those inflammatory cells so your body is really working during this time after an infusion. As time goes on, symptoms like fatigue can dissipate.”

Which is the online learning platform for infusion therapy?

FIT is an online, interactive platform that offers an enhanced learning experience through audio, video and 3D graphic presentations. The program features 8 learning modules that take the participant, step by step, through the essential elements of Infusion therapy.

When do you need to use infusion therapy?

Infusion therapy, the administration of medications or fluids intravenously, is delivered in all health care settings, across the spectrum of care to all age groups and patient populations. Infusion therapy is essential when the patient’s medical treatment must be intravenous and cannot be accomplished by other routes of administration.

Who are the Infusion nurses Society ( INS )?

The Infusion Nurses Society (INS) is an international nonprofit organization representing infusion nurses and other clinicians who are engaged in the specialty practice of infusion therapy. Join Today >.

Which is the most recognized publication in infusion therapy?

INS’ most recognized publication, the Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice provides the framework to define and develop organizational infusion-based policies and procedures for all practice settings. (Coming soon!)