What is the synonym of the word tension?

accent, strain, latent hostility, focus, tensity, tautness, tension, tenseness, emphasis, stress. tension, tensity, tenseness, tautnessnoun. the physical condition of being stretched or strained.

What is the best synonym for tension?


  • pressure.
  • strain.
  • stress.
  • balance.
  • constriction.
  • force.
  • rigidity.
  • stiffness.

Is pressure a synonym of tension?

In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tension, like: strain, pressure, force, anxiety, stress, hostility, uneasiness, jitteriness, contentedness, ease and limpness.

What is an adjective for tension?

Other Words from tension Noun. tensional \ ˈten(t)-​sh(ə-​)nəl \ adjective. tensionless \ ˈten(t)-​shən-​ləs \ adjective.

How do you express tension in words?


  1. strain. the strain of being responsible for the mortgage.
  2. stress.
  3. nervousness. I smiled in an attempt to hide my nervousness.
  4. pressure. The pressures of modern life are great.
  5. anxiety. His voice was full of anxiety.
  6. unease. He tried to appear casual, but he couldn’t conquer his unease.
  7. apprehension.
  8. suspense.

What is the opposite of tension force?

Tension could be the opposite of compression. At the atomic level, when atoms or molecules are pulled apart from each other and gain potential energy with a restoring force still existing, the restoring force might create what is also called tension.

Who used the concept tension?

This sense of tension was derived by Tate from two terms used in logic—extension (literal meaning) and intension (metaphorical meaning)—from which he dropped the prefixes, and it refers to a mutually dependent relationship between these different forms of meaning.

What is tension as an adjective?

Tensile is a related term of tension. As a adjective tensile is of or pertaining to tension. As a noun tension is psychological state of being tense. As a verb tension is to place an object in tension, to pull or place strain on.

What is an antonym for tension?

Antonyms for tension: ease, peace, slack, looseness, consolation, calmness, limpness, contentedness, slacken, calm, comfort, loosen, relax, relaxation.

What is the noun for tension?

noun 1 5 Tension is physical or mental strain, the force created by pulling something tight or a strain in a relationship.

What is another word for stressed?

tension, tenseness, stress(noun) (psychology) a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense. “he suffered from fatigue and emotional tension”; “stress is a vasoconstrictor”. Synonyms: accent, strain, latent hostility, focus, tensity, tautness, tension, tenseness, emphasis.