What kind of tattoos do gang members have?

As mysterious as they are intriguing, gang-related tattoos have aroused interest and curiosity for decades. Members of certain criminal gangs and mafia groups in and out of prison carry tattoos imbued with highly specific meanings.

What does the Pitchfork on a Gangster Disciples tattoo mean?

This is the most common tattoo representing the Gangster Disciples. The six-pointed star stands for the gang’s quasi-religious values: life, loyalty, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and love. The pitchfork represents the gang’s power to overcome oppression. Source: U.S. military and other law enforcement agencies.

What are the hand signs of a gang?

Hand Signs — Hand signs are used by gangs to identify their gang and as a form of communication. They may also be “ fl ashed” as a warning or threat to rival gangs. They are often “thrown” quickly, making interpretation diffi cult for the non-expert. Blood Killer West Coast 15

What does mob stand for in gang tattoos?

One example is the 13/13 cipher – splitting the alphabet in half and replacing the letters from the first half with those of the second, and vice versa – A becomes N, and N becomes A, B becomes O and O becomes B, etc. Besides the use of code, Blood members will often have the letters MOB tattooed – standing for ‘Member of Blood’.

Are there any tattoos with kids names on them?

My newst tattoo, for my beautiful daughter. Had the idea to get feet names and dob of my kids since my first was born. I just have to figure out where to put them, I’m thinking hips These key tattoo are designed in many different colors and sizes. Like scorpion tattoo, key tattoo can also be tattooed at anyplace on the body.

What kind of gang has a three pointed crown?

The Crips are an infamous gang based in the coastal regions of southern California, locked in bitter rivalry with the Bloods. Alongside the use of the symbol of a three-pointed or six-pointed crown, the Crips use code in a lot of their tattoos.