What movies does William Levy come out in?

Films in which William Levy appeared

  • Retazos de vida (2008).
  • Single Mothers Club (2014).
  • Addicted (2014).
  • Resident Evil: The Capítulo Final (2017).
  • Girl’s Journey (2017).
  • Ghost of My Girlfriend (2018).
  • In the arms of a killer (2019).

Who is William Levy’s wife?

Elizabeth Gutiérrez
Elizabeth Gutiérrez Nevárez (born April 1, 1978) is an American actress and model of Mexican descent….

Elizabeth Gutiérrez
Partner(s) William Levy (2003–present )
Children 2

How much is William Levy worth?

That is why it is not surprising that after almost 20 years of a successful career, the heartthrob has amassed a fortune that, according to the specialized publication Celebrity Net Worth, amounts to $18 million.

Does William Levy have a brother?

Jonathan Gutiérrez Levy
William Levy/Brothers

What nationality is William Levy?

William Levy/Nationality

Who is Elizabeth Gutierrez dating?

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez are back on. After a couple of years of sharing an on and off romance, the twosome are sharing a honeymoon stage. This is a telenovela love and it’s on the upside right now.

Are William and Elizabeth still together?

Even though they have been married for years and have a perfect family, William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez have always been rumored to part ways. People En Espanol has revealed that William and Elizabeth have long ended their marriage, yet they are happy.

Is William Levy still married to his wife?

William Gutiérrez-Levy (born August 29, 1980), is a Cuban-American actor and former model….William Levy (actor)

William Levy
Years active 2003–present
Partner(s) Elizabeth Gutiérrez (2003–present)
Children 2
Website www.williamlevy.net

Who is William Levy with now?

Elizabeth Gutiérrez (2003–)
William Levy/Partner

Is Jaime Camil rich?

Jaime Federico Said Camil Saldana da Gama was born in 1973 in Mexico City, Mexico, the son of a prominent businessman and well-known singer….Jaime Camil Net Worth.

Net Worth: $15 Million
Profession: Singer, Actor, Presenter
Nationality: Mexico

How old is William Levis?

41 years (August 29, 1980)
William Levy/Age

Does William Levy have tattoos?

William has a tattoo on his arm written in Hebrew in honor of his grandfather. He decided to have it after a rough and emotional period in his life a couple of years ago.