What radio station is flava on?

Flava (formerly Cool Blue 96.1) is a New Zealand classic hip hop and R&B music radio network….Flava (radio station)

Broadcast area 4 markets in New Zealand
Format Classic hip hop
Owner NZME Radio

How do I listen to Flava?

You can listen to Flava live on: iHeartRadio online here (Worldwide) The iHeartRadio app.

What frequency is Flava Napier?

FM and AM Stations

Frequency Station Previous Stations on Frequency
96.7 FM Radio Hauraki Flava (previously operated on 96.8)
97.5 FM The Breeze Radio Live (now 106.3FM/1368AM), Radio Pacific
98.3 FM The Edge
98.9 FM More FM

What frequency is Mai FM?

Mai FM

Frequency 88.6 FM – 105.8 FM
Branding “The Hottest Hip-hop and R&B”
Format Urban contemporary

What does Flava mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfla‧va /ˈfleɪvʌ/ noun [uncountable] informal a quality that something has that makes you feel or think a particular way about it SYN flavour music with a little bit of Caribbean flava.

Who is NZME?

New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME ) is an integrated media company, with a portfolio of market-leading newspapers, radio stations and digital platforms, that 3.4 million Kiwis engage with. NZME has a broad range of touch points and environments, to reach wherever and whenever consumers are.

What frequency is the rock?

South Island frequencies

Market Location Frequency
Canterbury Christchurch FM 93.7
Ashburton Ashburton FM 97.3
South Canterbury Timaru FM 91.5
North Otago Oamaru FM 104.8

What is my FM frequency?

My (formerly known as My FM) is a Malaysian-Chinese language private radio station managed by Astro Radio, a subsidiary of Astro Holdings Sdn Bhd….Frequency My Peninsular Malaysia, My Sabah and My Sarawak.

Frequencies Broadcast area Transmitter site
101.8 MHz Klang Valley Gunung Ulu Kali

What is Jordan from Mai FM last name?

But Jordan Vahakolo aka Jordan River, has put his hand up as the originator in a hilarious IG video where he confesses to starting the phrase.

What does it mean to add flavor?

To add a particular quality to something means to cause it to have that quality.

Is Flava a Scrabble word?

Yes, flava is a valid Scrabble word.