What shoes should I wear for contra dancing?

Please wear comfortable shoes. The most important feature is a smooth sole that will slide across a wooden floor. Contra dancers have used jazz shoes, leather dress shoes, bare feet, duct-taped bare feet, character shoes, dance sneakers and regular sneakers with or without suede glued to the sole.

Why is it called contra dance?

At the end of the 17th century, English country dances were taken up by French dance masters. The French called these dances contra-dances or contredanses (which roughly translated “opposites dance”), as indicated in a 1710 dance book called Recuil de Contredance.

What do contra dance mean?

1 : a folk dance in which couples face each other in two lines or a square.

Where did contra dancing come from?

While the origins of the contra dance can be pinpointed to the 17th century England and Scotland, the popularization of the dance happened in France where this dance became very commonplace in the party events hosted by nobility and royalty in early 18th century.

Why can’t you wear shoes on a dance floor?

Any type of dance involving shoes is tough on dance floors. When we dance, we are grinding tiny bits of dirt and grit right into the floor. This damage is even worse when turning or spinning is involved — and contra dance involves plenty of that!

What is the difference between square dancing and contra dancing?

During a square dance, the participants are prompted or cued through a sequence of steps throughout the entire set. In contra dancing, however, the caller uses choreographed dances. The caller explains the steps, walking the dancers through the sequence before beginning the dance.

What does no street shoes mean?

Filters. Ordinary shoes worn during everyday life, in contrast to those worn for some special occasion such as an athletic activity. noun. Shoes worn outdoors, in contrast to houseshoes worn indoors.

Can you wear dancing shoes outside?

These shoes are made to be worn on the dance floor, and they should not be worn outside. Once you wear your ballroom dance shoes outside, they will start to lose the very thing that they are designed to do: Their grip that gives you traction on the dance floor.

What is the Allemande dance?

Allemande, processional couple dance with stately, flowing steps, fashionable in 16th-century aristocratic circles; also an 18th-century figure dance. As a 17th-century musical form, the allemande is a stylized version of this dance. In a suite (as in J.S. Bach’s English Suites) it is normally the first movement.

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