What size are FilterTron pickups?

2.79″ x 1.32″
Filtertron pickup, neck position, nickel. Outer Dimensions: 2.79″ x 1.32″ (depth = 0.73″) Mounting Centers: 2.50″. FilterTron pickups are now made with alnico magnets as they were originally made in the 1950s and 60s.

How big is a humbucker route?

The width of the pickup ring at 44,5mm rounds down nicely to 40mm or 1-5/8″. Humbuckers are usually anything from 36-38mm in width. Unless you’re working with a pickup with HUGE tabs (I’ve see some), the side recesses really don’t have to be an inch wide.

Will Filtertrons fit in Humbucker?

These rings look and mount to a guitar like a Gibson ring, but fit our Universal Mount (Filter’Tron sized) pickups instead. These rings will not fit PAF-style humbucker pickups. Note: Original Gretsch Filter’Trons and TV Jones Filter’Trons have a clean 1/4 inch corner radius.

Are mini humbuckers the same size as Filtertrons?

MiniHums are both narrower and wider than the Filtertrons, so the mounting holes will not line up.

Is a Filtertron a single coil?

Simply put, the Filter’Tron has the warm humbucking tone of a PAF and the brightness and clarity of a single coil. Clean, the Filter’Tron has a beautiful jazz sound without the inherent muddiness that a PAF sometimes exhibits. When slightly overdriven, it is the sound of rockabilly.

Are P90s the same size as humbuckers?

There are several different versions of P90 pickups on the market, but all of these pickups sport a similar tone and have different shaping to their bodies. Humbucker casing: This is comparable to the standard humbucker design, as these P90s are a little thinner and longer than your traditional humbucker would be.

What is the difference between humbuckers and mini humbuckers?

A: Mini humbuckers are tonally sort of a cross between a humbucker and a single-coil, in the same ballpark sonically as a P-90, but humbucking (meaning no noise) and with a bit more mid drive. The Gibson 490 pickups are thicker and darker sounding, with much hotter output than the mini humbuckers.

Are Filtertrons mini humbuckers?

I dig the old Filtertrons, the vintage Dearmonds, the cool old Guild pickups, the fat, warm stuff with the “kerrangy” high end. So here’s the story- These are Standard MINI – Humbucker Sized pick ups with our Custom P90 adapter rings- so they fit ANY guitar that accepts P90 soapbar pick ups.

Is the PAF humbucker the same as the Filter tron?

While fundamentally a humbucker, the Filter’Tron and the PAF humbucker are miles apart sonically. The tone of the Filter’Tron is what has kept this unique beast around and successful for so long.

Which is the best pickup for a Filter tron?

This pickup is much closer in sound and construction to a traditional humbucker. TV Jones has been considered to make the most accurate recreations of Filter’Trons with Gretsch using his models in their own high-end instruments. Jones also makes updated versions, which help capture new sounds with the technology.

What is the DC resistance of a Filter tron?

With Filter’Trons, less adjustment is considered more when dialing in your sound. The two key points are with addressing pickup adjustment are output and height. The pickup industry uses DC resistance (DCR) to represent the output or strength of a pickup. The higher the ohms of DCR, the stronger the pickup is considered.

What’s the highest DCR you can get for a humbucker?

The higher the ohms of DCR, the stronger the pickup is considered. While this does not tell the complete story of the sound of the pickup, it is a useful reference point. For example, a Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker has an DCR of 16k (fairly high) and Fender Stratocaster “Fat ’50s” pickups have a DRC of about 6k (medium low).