What sizes do O-rings come in?

There are various size options depending on the ID you need to measure, but the most common sizes are 2-12”, 12-24”, 24-36”, 36-48”, and 48-60”.

Are O-rings standard sizes?

There are two main o-ring sizing types: standard and metric. Standard was developed for use in the United States, while the international community uses metric sizes.

How do you size an O-ring?

How to Measure O-Rings

  1. Place the O-ring on a clean, flat, level surface.
  2. Determine the inside diameter by using a ruler to measure from one inner edge to another.
  3. Use a ruler to measure the diameter, from one outer corner of the O-ring to the other outer corner.
  4. Finally, measure the cross-section.

How are Viton O-rings measured?

O-rings are measured in millimeters. To measure the outside diameter, use a ruler or calipers to measure from one outer corner of the O-ring to the other outer corner. Measure cross section. Place the O-ring into a vernier caliper. Lightly clamp the jaws of the caliper onto the O-ring, but do not compress it.

What size is a #1 O-ring?

O-Ring Size Chart – AS568 Standard O-Ring Sizes

Size C.S. Inch C.S. MM
001 Order This Size 0.040 1.02
002 Order This Size 0.050 1.27
003 Order This Size 0.060 1.52
004 Order This Size 0.070 1.78

How do I choose an O-ring?

The size of an O-ring can be determined by measuring the diameters and the width of the cross-section. The measurement you will need to include are the internal diameter (ID), outside diameter (OD), and the cross-section width (CS).

What is a #6 O-ring?

O-rings are one of the simplest, yet most engineered, precise, and useful seal designs ever developed. They are available in various metric and inch standard sizes. Sizes are specified by the inside diameter and the cross section diameter (thickness).

How tight should O-rings be?

To provide an effective seal, the O-ring’s inside diameter (I.D.) must be smaller than the piston groove diameter, so that the O-ring is slightly stretched, fitting snugly in the groove. This stretch should be between 1%-5% with 2% as the ideal in most applications. A stretch greater than 5% is not recommended.

Is WD 40 safe for O-rings?

It absolutely does not harm the o-rings. You’ll wear out the sprockets long before the chain. When you replace the sprockets (typically somewhere around 15-20K miles), you replace the chain too. In that period of time you are not going to harm your chain with WD-40.

How do you calculate O-ring groove size?

Groove Design: O-Ring Seals

  1. Calculate the O-Ring groove dimensions. Using the table above, determine the maximum recommended gland depth for your application.
  2. a. For a rod (shaft) seal:O-Ring Max Groove Diameter = Min Shaft Diameter + (2 x Recommended Gland Depth)
  3. b.
  4. c.

How deep should an O-ring groove be?

Cross Section & Groove Design Data

Available Cross Sections for Encapsulated O-Rings & Groove Design Data
Inch MM Groove Depth
.063±.004 1.60±0.10 .046
.070±.004 1.78±0.10 .049
.079±.004 2.00±0.10 .057

What is the smallest O-ring size?

US seal manufacturer Precision Associates Inc has successfully manufactured what it believes is the world’s smallest O-ring. The moulded O-ring has a cross-section of 0.15 mm (0.006 in) and an inside diameter of 0.2 mm (0.008 in).

What are the sizes of Viton O rings?

Global O-Ring and Seal carries a deep and broad inventory of Viton® o-rings, in AS568 and metric sizes. Click the button below to check inventory for AS568 and metric Viton® o-rings, or submit the Product Inquiry form if you need a special type or size of Viton® o-ring you can’t find here.

Which is the correct size for an O ring?

The proper o-ring size is a fundamental aspect of proper o-ring performance. Whether your application conforms to U.S., Japanese JIS, British BS, or Common Metric sizing for o-rings, these o-ring size charts will help you locate the right o-ring size.

How to order a Viton fluoroelastomer O ring?

Choose from our selection of Viton® fluoroelastomer O-rings, including over 3,000 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship. Contact Us Order Activity Punchout Log in Create login Choose a Category Cross Section Shape Cross Section Shape Round

What kind of sealing material is Viton made of?

Viton ® is also known as FKM made of fluoroelastomer one of the most versatile and widely used sealing materials. Marco Rubber stocks all USA standard Viton ® O-Rings sizes, thousands of metric Viton ® O-Ring and non-standard sizes. When not in stock most custom Viton ® O-Rings can be made in a few weeks without tooling fees.