What sorority uses an elephant?

Delta Sigma Theta

Delta Sigma Theta
Flower African violet
Mascot Elephant
Chapters Over 940 (including alumnae chapters)
Nicknames Deltas, Reds, DST, Devastating Divas

Did deltas come from akas?

After a graduate member of the Alpha chapter gave the new members a deadline to stop the reorganization of Alpha Kappa Alpha, the twenty-two women split off from Alpha Kappa Alpha and created the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority on January 13, 1913.

What are the international chapters of Delta Sigma Theta?

Delta Sigma Theta has more than 1000 Chapters located in the United States, Canada, England, Japan (Tokyo and Okinawa), Germany, the Virgin Islands, Liberia, Bermuda, Jamaica, The Bahamas, South Korea and Nigeria. The sorority’s chapters are organized into seven regions and further sub-divided by state.

Why do aka wear 20 pearls?

The 20 pearls indicate the nine original founders, seven sophomores who were invited a month later and four women who incorporated the sorority and expanded its influence on college campuses. Four incorporators moved the organization forward in 1911 when Nellie Quander was elected president of the sorority.

How many chapters are there in Delta Sigma Theta?

Delta Sigma Theta was founded by 22 young women on the campus of Howard University on January 13,1913 who sought to create an organization centered around sisterhood, scholarship, and service. From that nucleus, Delta Sigma Theta has grown to 250,000+ members and more than 900 chapters worldwide.

What is the Delta Sigma Theta oath?

The Delta Oath expresses the fundamental morals and values of the organization . Terrell voiced in the oath that each member has a duty to the organization and public service to the community because of their high academic achievement. Furthermore, how much does it cost to be in Delta Sigma Theta?

When was Delta Sigma Theta Incorporated?

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated (ΔΣΘ) was founded on January 13, 1913, at Howard University. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated was first incorporated in Washington, D.C. on February 9, 1913. On January 20, 1930, the organization was incorporated as a perpetual body.