What year is the fastest Yamaha VMAX?

By quarter-mile time, 12 seconds or less

Model year Motorcycle Final speed
2010 Yamaha VMAX 137.00 mph (220.48 km/h)
2016 Yamaha YZF-R1 146.62 mph (235.96 km/h)
2002 Kawasaki ZZ-R1200 136.90 mph (220.32 km/h)
2014 EBR 1190RX 140.29 mph (225.77 km/h)

Is the Yamaha VMAX a good bike?

Reliability. Being a Japanese-made bike, we are not surprised at the reliability of the VMAX. Even though it has been in production for over 35 years, the motorcycle has witnessed few recall actions. The VMAX models have a very high build quality, which allows them to handle long-term use without breaking down.

How much is a 1985 Yamaha VMAX worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $5,299 $1,035
Total Price $5,299 $1,035

Is a Yamaha VMAX fast?

Yamaha VMAX

Manufacturer Yamaha Motor Company
Engine 1,197 cc (73.0 cu in) liquid-cooled DOHC 70° V-4
Bore / stroke 76 mm × 66 mm (3.0 in × 2.6 in)
Top speed 240 km/h (150 mph)
Power 108 kW (145 hp) (rear wheel)

How much is a 2020 Yamaha Vmax?

From $17,999
2020 Yamaha VMAX/MSRP

How fast is the 2020 Yamaha Vmax?

135 mph
Top Speed: 135 mph (Est.)

Why is Yamaha discontinuing the Vmax?

With stricter emission norms burdening automakers, Yamaha’s reason to stop pouring money into developing a new VMAX made sense. This inevitably paved way for the power cruiser’s demise post-2020. The lack of Euro 5 compliance and falling sales led to Yamaha discontinuing the VMAX.

How much horsepower does a 2020 Yamaha Vmax have?

200 hp
2020 Yamaha VMAX Specifications

Power 200 hp
Bore x Stroke 90.0mm x 66.0mm
Compression Ratio 11.3:1
Fuel System Fuel Injection with YCC-T and YCC-I

What kind of bike is the Yamaha V Max?

Yamaha V-Max Information: The Yamaha V-Max, known as the Vmax after 2009, is a power cruiser motorcycle produced by Yamaha since 1985. This bike is known for its distinctive style, powerful 70 V4 engine, and its shaft drive. A power cruiser is used to distinguish cruiser style motorcycles that have higher power levels.

What kind of engine does a 1997 Yamaha vmax12 have?

1997 YAMAHA VMAX12, One look at this machine and the first thing you’ll notice is that big 4 cylinder engine that consumes half the mass of this machi… V MaxIT’S NEVER STOPPED LIVING UP TO ITS REPUTATION.Achieving Musclebike status doesn’t come easy. Keeping it is hard.

What kind of cylinder does a 2020 Yamaha Vmax use?

The 2020 Yamaha VMAX uses Brembo master cylinders—the front being a radial pump master cylinder. Large 320mm wave-style dual front discs are matched to radial-mount monoblock six-piston calipers.

How much does a Yamaha Vmax 1700 cost?

NEW 2014 VMAX 1700 102ci V-4 ~ Beast of the Street Liquid Cooled V-4 EFI Powerhouse Cruiser B.I.N. @ $14,350 ~ That’s $3,640 OFF!