When was the Shadows final tour in Cardiff?

June 5th 2004
Crimson presents The Final Tour from legendary guitar band The Shadows performing their greatest hits live on this 2CD set. Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch and Brian Bennett together on-stage June 5th 2004 at Cardiff Arena.

Who played in the shadows final tour?

Hank Marvin
A 2004 concert by the instrumental rock band at the Cardiff Indoor Arena, in which Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch and Brian Bennett reunited to perform a selection of their greatest hits. Including performances of Apache, Riders in the Sky, Don’t Cry for Me Argentina, Theme from The Deer Hunter and FBI.

How old is Hank Marvin?

79 years (October 28, 1941)
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Where was the Shadows final tour filmed?

Cardiff Indoor Arena
Filmed in Cardiff Indoor Arena in 2004, this live performance from The Shadows on their final tour features the songs: Riders In The Sky, The Frightened City, Peace Pipe, Let Me Be The One, The Stranger and many more.

What happened to the shadows group?

The era of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones made the Shadows’ music obsolete, and the group officially disbanded in 1968. The Shadows reunited in 1973 and released the albums Rockin’ with Curly Leads (1974) and Specs Appeal (1975), both of which featured an updated sound that included, for the first time, vocals.

Do The Shadows still perform?

They permanently disbanded in 1990 but temporarily reformed in 2004-05 for a UK and European tour and again during 2008–10 to tour with Cliff Richard.

What year was the Shadows final tour?

Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch and Brian Bennett are reunited for The Shadows final tour in 2004, treating crowds to a medley of their greatest hits, including Apache, Living Doll and FBI.

Why did Jet Harris leave the shadows?

In 1962, Harris left The Shadows following disagreements, mostly with Bruce Welch over his drinking habit (documented in The Story of the Shadows, written by the group with Mike Read).

Why did The Shadows break up?

In 1967, the Shadows used Olivia Newton-John on the track “The Day I Met Marie” on their album From Hank Bruce Brian and John. In October 1968, Marvin and Welch decided to disband the group following a concert at the London Palladium.

Why did Jet Harris leave The Shadows?