Where does the key drain to Silent Hill?

The key can be found in the Otherworld version of Midwich Elementary School. It can only be picked up after Harry finds the rubber ball. The key is resting in one of the drainage pipes on the roof and needs to be flushed out by means of turning on a water reserve.

Where do you use the rubber ball in Silent Hill?

The pink ball is in the first floor storeroom of the Otherworld Midwich Elementary School. Harry must use it to plug up one of the drainage pipes on the school roof before turning the water pipe; doing so makes the water flow to a farther drainage pipe, where the classroom key to the 2F northwestern room is stuck.

Where do I use the K Gordon key?

The K. Gordon’s house through the back door (in order to do so, he must first look at the list of teachers and mark her address in the map). Her house can be used to access Levin St. from the west, and from there, Harry can follow the ringing bells to Balkan Church.

How do I get to Midwich school?

Its time to start heading to the Midwich Elementary School. Leave the backyard into the alleyway and take a left. Once you reach the end of the alley take a right and then a left, once you do that head south on Midwich Street until you reach the school.

Is Silent Hill based on Kindergarten Cop?

Kindergarten Cop was released in 1990; Silent Hill in 1999. Silent Hill is the sequel to Kindergarten Cop. All the children in Kindergarten Cop are dead and Arnold cannot save them.

How do you beat the Lizard in Silent Hill?

The safest method would be to backpedal until the lizard’s mouth opens, then shoot. Stay close to the figure in the center of the room, and walk backwards at an angle (as if walking backwards around a circle).

Where is the shotgun in Silent Hill 1?

The shotgun in Silent Hill: The Arcade is found on stage 1-2, near the elevator by the day room in the Otherworld Brookhaven Hospital. The players are given an optional route before to continue through the hospital or enter a door, and if the player chooses not to enter the door, they are rewarded with the shotgun.

What happened at Midwich Elementary School?

Midwich Elementary School is the first building Harry visits that undergoes a complete Otherworld transition, though this is done during Harry’s travels through the clock tower, so the transition itself is subsequently unseen. In the Otherworld, the school is covered in rust and blood, and there are corpses everywhere.

How do you beat Cybil?

Once she runs out of ammo, she will then put down her gun and walk to Harry in an attempt to strangle him. There are two ways to defeat her: the first is to kill her normally, or the player can instantly use the bottle of red liquid found in Alchemilla Hospital to exorcise the parasite inside of her.