Where is all my Apple Music gone?

My entire songs library disappeared. Go into Settings –> Music and make sure the option to show Apple Music is turned on. If it is, try turning it off and then on again, then check your music library (and be patient – give it a minute or two for your music to show up).

Why can’t I find my downloaded Music on iPhone?

Step 1: Launch Settings on your iPhone (or iPad) and select Music. Step 2: Enable both the ‘Show Apple Music’ and Sync Library options. If they are enabled, you can disable and re-enable them. You can also reboot your device and proceed to check if your downloaded songs have been restored.

How do I get my old Apple Music back?

Question: Q: signed out of apple id and lost all apple music

  1. Go to settings on your iPhone.
  2. Go down to “Music” and press it.
  3. Under the “Library” heading turn on “iCloud Music Library”
  4. Now go back to the Music app and it should be there (assuming you have your phone backed up on iCloud)

Why can’t I sync my music library?

Check your settings and network connection on all of your devices: Make sure that your devices have the latest version of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, or iTunes for Windows. Make sure that Sync Library is turned on for all of your devices. Connect all of your devices to the Internet.

Where are my Music downloads on my iPhone?

Where are my downloads? The Downloads folder can be found in Files app > tap Browse at the bottom-right corner > tap on the Downloads folder.

How do I restore music on my iPhone?

On an iPhone, tap on the entry for Music. The screen on an iPad already displays the categories for Music, Movies, and TV Shows. At the Purchased screen, look for your missing album. Restore Music on Your Device Tap on the Download icon next to the album to restore it to your device.

Why did my Apple Music disappeared?

If your music is missing from iPhone, you may want to know why the problem is happening. Here are some of them: iTunes backup errors can erase your iPhone’s music. iOS update error can cause “Music missing from iPhone”. If you logged out of iTunes/iCloud account, your music may vanish.

How do you download songs from iPhone?

Open the Music app on your iPhone or iPad. Select the song or album you want to download. Tap the + or +Add button next to the song or album. The music will automatically download to your device. After it’s downloaded, you’ll see albums marked as Downloaded.