Where is malaria found in Asia?

PIP: Malaria endemic countries in the southeast Asia region include Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

Does Asia have malaria?

Asia ranks second to Africa in terms of malaria burden. In 19 countries of Asia, malaria is endemic and 2.31 billion people or 62% of the total population in these countries are at risk of malaria. India, Indonesia, Myanmar and Pakistan are responsible for >85% of the reported cases (confirmed) and deaths in Asia.

How many cases of malaria are there in Southeast Asia?

6.3 million cases
In 2019, there were an estimated 6.3 million cases of malaria throughout Southeast Asia. The estimated number of malaria cases in Southeast Asia has dramatically decreased from 2010, in which there were thought to be around 24.6 million cases of malaria.

Does malaria affect South Asia?

The majority of the malaria incidence in South East Asia is contributed by India followed by Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand (Fig. 6). India was estimated to be the largest contributor of malaria to South and South East in 2009.

What countries have malaria?

Malaria is found in more than 100 countries, mainly in tropical regions of the world, including:

  • large areas of Africa and Asia.
  • Central and South America.
  • Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
  • parts of the Middle East.
  • some Pacific islands.

Which country has recorded the largest reduction of malaria cases in South East Asia?

NEW DELHI: India accounted for the largest absolute reduction in malaria cases in South-East Asia, from approximately 20 million cases in 2000 to 5.6 million in 2019, as per the World Health Organization (WHO).

Where is malaria the worst?

Most malaria cases and deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa. However, the WHO regions of South-East Asia, Eastern Mediterranean, Western Pacific, and the Americas are also at risk. Some population groups are at considerably higher risk of contracting malaria, and developing severe disease, than others.

How many humans have died from malaria in history?

TIL that Malaria is theorized to have killed half of all humans who have ever lived (Approx 50 Billion people).

Which country has the highest rate of malaria?

In 2019, 6 countries accounted for approximately half of all malaria deaths worldwide: Nigeria (23%), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (11%), United Republic of Tanzania (5%), Burkina Faso (4%), Mozambique (4%) and Niger (4% each).

Which country is free from malaria?

Following a 70-year effort, China has been awarded a malaria-free certification from WHO – a notable feat for a country that reported 30 million cases of the disease annually in the 1940s.

Which country has highest malaria cases?