Where is the football stadium in Jacksonville?

TIAA Bank Field
Jacksonville Jaguars/Arenas/Stadiums
Jacksonville Municipal Stadium is a football stadium located in downtown Jacksonville, Florida next to the St. Johns River. It is the home stadium facility of the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL franchise. Jacksonville Municipal Stadium is a football stadium located in downtown Jacksonville, Florida next to the St.

What does TIAA bank field stand for?

TIAA, which takes its name from the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America, is not a party to any other naming-rights agreements, Pappas said. The name EverBank Field debuted in 2010, replacing Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. Jacksonville-based EverBank Financial Corp.

Is TIAA Bank Field grass or turf?

TIAA Bank Field

Capacity 67,814 (expandable to 82,000)
Surface Tifway 419 Bermuda Grass
Broke ground January 3, 1994
Opened August 18, 1995

Can you smoke at TIAA Bank field?

Smoking (including e-cigarettes and vaping) is NOT permitted at TIAA Bank Field. Fans who fail to comply with this policy are subject to ejection from the stadium.

Why do Jacksonville Jaguars say Duval?

“Duuuval.” Calling Jacksonville by the county it rests in, Duval, was popularized by rappers in the 1990s, and it has slowly crept its way into game day at EverBank Field. “Duuuval!” became a rallying cry for Jags since beginning in the early ’00s.

Are masks required at Jacksonville Jaguars stadium?

Fans attending the scheduled eight regular-season home games will be required to wear masks. At 25 percent capacity, about 16,791 fans would be allowed to attend each home game. The Jaguars averaged 59,987 for seven home games at TIAA Bank Field in 2019.

What bank does TIAA use?

Fortune 100 company TIAA purchased Florida-based EverBank in 2017 and renamed it TIAA Bank. Along with a host of personal bank accounts, TIAA Bank also offers home loan and investment solutions, and business and commercial banking services.

How much is the pool at the Jaguars stadium?

One of the more unusual additions at EverBank Field are the two new shallow pools in the north end zone. A pool cabana will run you $12,500 — but that price covers 50 tickets and unlimited food and drink.

Can you smoke cigarettes in the NFL?

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the stadium (this includes all smoking tobacco, e- cigarettes and vaporizers). Violators of this policy may be ejected from the stadium. All Season Ticket holders are responsible for their conduct as well as the conduct of their guests and/or persons using their tickets.

Is tailgating allowed at Jacksonville Jaguars?

Jacksonville Jaguar’s Stadium, TIAA Bank Stadium, offers parking for RV’s, but parking can be limited on gameday and tailgating is not permitted.

When did EverBank Field in Jacksonville FL open?

The stadium opened as Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on August 18, 2005 with the construction taking just over a year and a half at a cost of just over $121 million, $182 million in present day dollars. In 2010 EverBank signed a naming rights deal. The stadium was built to accommodate the new expansion team.

Where is TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville FL?

TIAA Bank Field is a top-notch venue located in Jacksonville, FL. As many fans will attest to, TIAA Bank Field is known to be one of the best places to catch live entertainment around town. The TIAA Bank Field is known for hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars but other events have taken place here as well.

Where did EverBank Field get its name from?

From 1997 to 2006, the stadium was named Alltel Stadium after communications company Alltel purchased naming rights. The facility was renamed EverBank Field in 2010, following the approval of a five-year, naming rights deal with the financial services company EverBank. The agreement was extended in 2014 for an additional 10 years.

Where is the Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium in Jacksonville?

Located on the St. Johns River, it sits on 10 acres (4.0 ha) of land in downtown Jacksonville . In addition to hosting the Jaguars, the stadium is also regularly used for college football, concerts, and other events.